The Luck of Change

The Luck of Change

Tom Spencer*

The opening event of President Obama’s listening Bus Tour was a Town Hall meeting on August 15, 2011 in beautiful Cannon Falls,  Minnesota. He started  by claiming that he had reversed the recession and had America moving again. That is, he said,  until the United States was  suddenly beset by a series of bad luck events, hampering his administration’s noble efforts to improve the dismal economic performance of the biggest, the freeist and most diverse economy on the planet.

First, the President claimed that the Arab Spring, which he said would bring more democracy to Middle East folks, “ also drove up gas prices.” Indeed.    Gas  prices today have more than doubled since Inauguration Day. But what the President now calls “bad luck” was precisely what he promised in the form of his Energy Policy. In fact, in January, 2008 he correctly predicted that one aspect of his Policy would be that energy priceswould “skyrocket.” And he helped our bad luck along by approving draconian  policies making it almost impossible to rapidly exploit the vast domesticenergy resources our country enjoys. So radical are his policies that a Federal Judge recently struck many of them as blatantly unlawful. Obama will appeal, of course, further delaying any substantial drilling.

“  And then you have the situation in Europe”, he said to the assembled, hand picked audience of town folks…. “where they’re dealing with all sorts of debt challenges, and that  washes up on our shores.”

Bet the Europeans feel very sorry about this American string of Bad Luck. They probably
feel worse about a United States government that has spent Four Trillion Dollars more than it has collected, borrowing these vast sums from a globalmarket that cannot satisfy the American debt fix and the needs of a strugglingEurope as well.  They might be more than  a little sore that a large part of their problems stem from phony, ponzied American securities tied to pimped subprime mortgages backed by sleazy Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Perhaps this is why Russian Premiere Putin, labeled America “Parasites” , feeding off the global  economy.

But there  was even more bad luck, claimed the President of Change.

“…  And you had a tsunami in Japan, and that broke supply chains
and created difficulties for the economy all across the globe.”

He forgot to mention the $1Billion Dollars  spent  thus far by the United States blowing Libya up, breaking the supply chain of oil to Italy and driving up oil prices.

Or the skyrocketing cost of Medical care directly resulting from ObamaCare.

Or the mushrooming Food Stamp Stampede, rife with fraud.

Or the unseemly threat, rocking the stock markets, that the government could not
insure that Social Security checks would get to Seniors— a ploy to increase the debt ceiling so transparent that even Democrats choked on it.

He might have mentioned that his campaign to  dramatically increase “revenues” (taxes)  and pound  businesses and investors with “shared sacrifice” (more taxes) has spooked American business to a standstill.

He could have discussed the down-grading of America’s credit status for the first time in our history, a direct result of his obstruction of efforts to dramatically cut government spending.

We probably deserved an explanation of why his administration has promulgated more
regulations on more businesses and more American activities than any in history—bloating the government by more than 25% in three years.

Or why Americans, for the first time in their history, will be goose marched by their government to buy something they do not want or cannot afford.

But he did not.

According to our President, America is in trouble because he is not successful in Washington. And he says that he is not successful because the Fates and the Tea Party are against him.

As he lamented   to the good people of Cannon Falls “ I’m glad to be out of Washington.”

We’re glad too. Because the only sure thing about luck is that it is vulnerable to change. Even biblical locusts fly off eventually.

And you can tell that the Winds of Change are once again whipping up. It may take a year, and it may be loud and ugly, but our luck is about to change,  Mr. President.


*Thomas R. Spencer is a Republican strategist
and lawyer in Miami.