What do we do?

 I am tired of politicians telling me that it is for me,but it is all about them.”See what I did, that Is my law”. But what you gonna do?Why do they vote the party instead of their Heart and conscious?Do we elect them without any? No I am not an  extremist.As I have said before I am a dumb stupid truck driver. My state has decided to tell me,I will give up my land If they deem it nessecary. What happened to BUYER and SELLER? How on GOd’s green earth can the people that helped,Red and Blue alike,get us into this mess still make policy? With no recourse to themselves. No common sense in any of this world.Barack goes on tv,what was the point.I am no more enlightened than I was before. I do know that,when companies can afford to send their products to China and have them processed and bring them back and still make a profit, there is some thing very WRONG.