Let Down

I do not know if I am RED or BLUE.I am a mere truck driver,but I have been let down.I did not vote for Obama,hated to vote for McCain.These people remind me of kids in a sandbox,a sandbox filled with our money.Yes the last eight years have some good pionts a lot of bad points,but we were safe.I thought that Mr.Obama said that He would give anything he signed HE would give a certain amount of time before HE would sign anything. They might have enough time to print it before HE signs it. HE din’t do what he said.

 All I want is somebody to do what they say.Ever since I have been voting,[twenty years] I have voted for who I thought was lying the least.You can’t believe anything they say.Not all, but the biggest majority of them are in it to make a name for themselves, not to help you or me.

  Since I started working nobody stepped in to help me when I fell on my face.Even when I did ask for help[paid my taxes] the government tells me NO,go figure.

   A representative from my state [MS] who I have known in years past tells everybody he will help us.According to the vote,he is the best thing since hip pockets.To this day he has not helped us. Guess what, he hasn’t done what he said.

    Now the Package.    Yes we are in dire straights,but how can we allow people that got us here to do this. Answer, WWWEEE have no CHOICE !  “Transparentcy”, Red and Blue have said it,we still can’t see.It hasn’t been about us for years.Red Blue and Other can see that. This Package just as dark as the last. They haven’t done what they said.

   We LEGISLIAT to keep from hurting one another,but hurt one another because of COLOR, for those that weren’t listening  RED and BLUE. It makes no since to me,that is the way it is because, WE HAVE NO CHOICE.

    This is not hatered.This is life.

    There has to be a more efficient way to do things.  

    Yes,our pople in want to bring things home to their state,but when they start taking money because of their position,if they benifit from the office,{other than their pay},it should go to a pot. That should be used to pay the rent on what we get charged to house and feed them.

   Why do we take care of them when they leave office, they made enough money before and after they were in office, let them go,they can afford it. 

   I just want somebody to do what they say.