A Way to Build Your Own Retirement Plan without Government Social Security! [New and Improved!]

Dear Fellow RedStaters:

I understand this is a political blog, but I just could not forgive myself if I didn’t let my fellow RedStaters know about this great opportunity to build your own retirement plan without government social security.

FairTax.US | Build a Portable Retirement Plan & Live Healthy – One24 Independent PC

Joining my One24 business team will help you build a portable retirement plan, secure your financial LIBERTY and PROSPERITY, and improve your health and wellness. Unlike most MLM’s, One24 only costs $60 per month. One24 revolutionizes the MLM industry with a Linear Compensation Program. Before you say

“no, I hate MLMs,”

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– One24 is a multi-level marketing company with a Linear Compensation Program rather than a pyramid program, so that the person at the top is not the one making all the money. It has the first ever “Incentivized Referral Plan” in the United States.
– One24 sells a Super Food product called NatraBurst to be used as a replacement meal.
– Unlike most MLM’s, One24 only requires that you buy one can of NatraBurst which is $60, instead of hundreds of dollars worth of product. Meaning you will not have to buy and maintain an inventory of products to sell people.
– One24 can be a one hour per week business if someone does not want to spend much time selling. Meaning if you do not want to quit your current job/business…DON’T. Because One24 will not take time away from your current job.
– By being a member of One24 you not only improve your health and wellness, you also secure your financial liberty and increase your prosperity.


Required Skills:

– Anybody can do this! Even the people who don’t see themselves as marketing and salespersons!

– Be able to carry on a conversation with someone and throw information in about your great opportunity to build a portable retirement plan with One24!


“no, I hate MLMs,”


“no, I hate MLMs,”