As the election nears, I can’t help but ask myself a question: why did we elect Barack Obama in the first place?

The first is the economy; things were rapidly falling apart by the end of 2008, collapsing just in time for ensure his election. McCain was a poor candidate as well, but in all fairness, I don’t think any Republican could have beaten him, considering the environment.

The second, and the biggest reason, however is that we were voting for the fantasy Obama, not the real Obama. Whatever you might think of his presidency, he was a skilled campaigner and much of the country fell in love with him. Because of that, though, they didn’t listen to what he was actually saying. His slogan was “Change you can believe in”.  He promised to fundamentally transform our country, but not many people bothered to ask what he meant by that. The media was promoting him 24 hours a day, not even pretending to be objective anymore.

Much as I’m ashamed to admit it, I actually supported Obama for a brief period in 2008. I had grown very unhappy with the Republican party at that time, since they had become a party of big spending and big deficits. I didn’t support him the way many of my peers did, but I believed he was worth serious consideration. However, when I heard his wife state that “For the first time in my life, I’m proud of my country”, I realized who this guy was and immediately withdrew my support.

After that, I saw what kind of person he was and tried to tell others. The typical response was being blown off, particularly among people my age. They kept telling me that I didn’t “understand” Obama and that he was going to bring about “change” and fix all of our problems. When he was newly elected, I was also told: “He’ll move to the center; he has to.”

Nevertheless, even I underestimated what he was going to do. I knew he had a big spending program planned, but I never imagined that he would end up expanding government by 30 percent in a single year.

In addition, I didn’t expect him to essentially nationalize the car industry, along with many of the banks. He claimed that this is only temporary until they get back on their feet, but that was a bald-faced lie. Once government claims power, they very rarely give it up. Not only that, but he was trying to push a health care bill down the throats of a public who didn’t want it.

This is when things took a scary turn. I went on the White House website and saw where it instructed people to let them know if people were saying anything “fishy” about the health care bill. We were supposed to give them their e-mail address and they would set them straight. I’ve repeated this story many times and receive a lot of skepticism, but I saw that with my own eyes! This is not what I was expecting in the United States of America.

Let’s not forget how his political opponents were treated. His mentions of bipartisanship disappeared immediately after he realized that not everyone shared his vision for the country. Just look at how the Tea party was treated in the media; they were considered stupid, idiotic racists for daring to oppose Obama. I saw this on virtually every mainstream media program. The only reason they tuned it on a little bit is because it was costing them dearly in ratings; their opinions of the tea party haven’t changed a bit.

Now we’re hearing his claims that he’s serious about reducing spending and reducing the deficit. Let’s analyze that, shall we?

By no means am I going to let Bush and the Republicans off the hook. Their spending was getting out of control too, but even though Obama claimed that the deficit would be cut in half by the end of his first term, he more than tripled it in a single year.

The Simpson-Bowles commission was appointed to find way to cut spending and reduce the deficit. They ended up coming out with answers, giving ways that we could cut more than 4 trillion of debt over the next decade. Obama could have said that he would listen to the recommendations of the people he appointed, but instead, he ignored them and threw them under the bus. I’d say that’s a pretty good sign that he has no intention of cutting spending at all.

I was told that after the mid-term landslide that he would wake up and make some moves to get control of the deficit, if nothing else because he wants a second term. Clinton did that, albeit kicking and screaming, and it was assumed that Obama would do so too. Nope, he’s only doubled down on his positions and if anything, he’s moved farther to the left.

Think of the near government shutdown in April. The Democrats and Obama screamed their heads off, saying that the republicans are looking out for the wealthy, and that these cuts would cause enormous harm to the country. How much did they end up cutting? Let me think… about 400 million dollars, roughly how much we borrow in 2.5 hours. Look at what happened over cuts that meant nothing.

We saw this again in the debt ceiling debate. The only thing Obama was doing is accusing the Republicans of playing games with the country’s future, warning that seniors citizens would not get their checks if the debt ceiling was not raised. He didn’t threatened welfare, or other government organizations; he decided to use scare tactics to further his big-spending agenda. They set up a super-committee to find 1.2 trillion to cut over the next decade; nothing happened. It wasn’t meant to go anywhere; this was nothing but a political calculation.

Don’t worry, though, there are some cuts he’s willing to make: the military. Why is that always the first on the chopping block? Granted, I think we could probably save money by cutting waste out of the military budget, but he has refused to consider cutting anything else. If we’re going to cut waste, look for waste in every program, not just the military budget.

Even more good news: his website attackwatch.com. This is where we’re supposed to report if anyone has been spreading “lies” and “falsehoods” about President Obama. He evidently didn’t listen the first time and I sometimes feel like we’re living in “It Can’t Happen Here”.

All in all, he has added more debt in three years that Bush managed in eight. Our debt has already exceeded GDP and will be over 16 trillion by the time the election rolls around. However, I listened to one of his speeches where he said that everything he has achieved is on the line in this election. He has no intention of cutting a dime and if anything, he will only raise spending even higher. Just look at Europe to see what kind of fate that’s going to lead us to.

Obama has to be stopped. He must be a one-term president. Granted, I don’t see miracles occurring under the republicans, but any of the Republican candidates are better than what we would see under a second term of Obama.