In Defense of Romney

Okay, considering my distaste for the presidential candidate, he’s the last person I ever expected to defend. However, considering what’s coming out, I feel like there really isn’t any choice.

I’m watching the ads about Bain Capital, and here’s what I can point out: they bought up failing companies and tried to turn them around and sell them for a profit. Sometimes they succeed in doing so, but sometimes in spite of everything, the company goes under.

This means that even if Bain had not bought up those businesses and had done nothing, these people would still have lost their jobs because the companies would have gone bankrupt regardless. You really can’t blame that on Romney.

By the very nature of capitalism, some people fail. Not everybody makes it; what capitalism is meant to do is give everyone a chance of success. That doesn’t mean that they will succeed. By making this argument, all Romney’s opponents are doing is giving Obama more ammunition to use against him in the general election should he get the nomination (and however much I hate to utter these words, he will likely be the nominee)

While I support him, I am disappointed that Perry has chosen to use this as a method of attack against. He’s supposed to be a true, free-market conservative, and it’s why I decided to throw my support behind him.

However, that is trivial compared to what Gingrich has decided to do. He’s an extremely arrogant man, saw himself as the inevitable nominee, but the ads had essentially robbed him of his chance at greatness. He ran a positive campaign and for a while, seemed like a breath of fresh air in the political maelstrom. Realizing that he’s not going to win the nomination, it seems like what he’s decided to do is launch a kamikaze attack against Romney. This is Gingrich’s darker side and it’s really beginning to show itself. He’s losing my respect by the minute.

The Republican Party is supposed to be a party that supports free-market capitalism, a favorable business environment, and believes in small government. They’re supposed to have a winning message against Barack Obama. Instead, it seems like they’ve decided to complete collapse into infighting and useless. When a nutcase like Ron Paul is in second place in the primary, we’ve got some major problems.

If Romney’s opponents want to hit him and bring down his lead, there are far more legitimate methods of doing so. The biggest one is of course the Massachusetts health care bill, which was the basis for Obamacare and to this day, he has refused to denounce it. That’s a glaring weakness, but they don’t seem willing to use it against him.

A second big weakness is that he’s taken one political position after another. I will be fair and state that people do change their minds over time, but he has been around so many times, it’s hard to know what his beliefs really are. Not only that, but he has failed to give a satisfactory explanation for why he has changed his positions, meaning that this is likely political opportunism.

Both of these are strong arguments that can be used to harm his campaign. Instead, his opponents are writing Obama’s re-election campaign. People call the Republicans the stupid party; this charade is the reason.

I am not a Mitt Romney supporter, but this is just repulsive.