Nine Months Later

As a resident of Massachusetts (living in Barney Frank’s district!), it’s kind of lonely being conservative in one of the bluest of the blue states.  It’s common place to see the Obama pins or the 01.20.09 bumper stickers.  It’s like being a stranger in a strange land, yet you get used to it in time.


It shocked me this morning, while waiting for the horribly inefficient commuter rail, to see a man wearing a McCain/Palin t-shirt.  I gave him a nod and continued my trek to my normal waiting spot.  It’s when the two catty shrews in front of me caught my attention.


They were shocked, shocked I say, that he was wearing such a shirt.  They then jumped on the local report that Sarah Palin may be moving to nearby Rhode Island.  Two things in their conversation shocked me.


One, they felt she might be moving to Rhode Island to get back into politics.  On its face and after thought, this is a completely idiotic notion.  Why would a conservative woman move to a blue state and run for Congress?  It was laughable.


Two, one shrew felt that she wouldn’t last a day in the state, as people would be gunning for her for “what she had done”.  My thought was what exactly had she done that was so reprehensible?  My only thought was that she dared oppose the Messiah on his ascension to the throne.


Why is it that all these months later, must the liberals still bitterly complain?  Worse, they won the election!  This wasn’t like the idiots who still today complain about the “rigged elections” of 2000 and 2004.  These are people who hold a grudge against Palin because she dared be conservative, a woman, and challenge their self-appointed hero.


Obviously they have an issue with any principled conservative who happens to challenge their world view.  But why are they still mad?  I mean, Obama won.  Most of us know that he is mucking it up royally, but they still look upon him through rose colored glasses.  Shouldn’t they just be happy?  Or are they only happy when they are angry?  Maybe they just don’t have any other mindset.