My Thoughts on the Presidential Election

I am not a political expert. I am not a scholar of political history, or history in general for that matter. I am not a skilled writer or debater. I don’t have the humor or style that others here have. I am simply a working mother of two with strong Conservative principles.

I do not write diary entries here often, for the reasons stated above. However, I feel very strongly about what is coming next week, and I wanted to get my feelings out there.

One thing many people do not realize, or choose to ignore, is that politicians in general elections campaign from the CENTER. Nearly all politicians do it, regardless of party – the ones who don’t are very obvious. So, when you hear McCain or Obama make campaign speeches and promises, you have to assume that in the Oval Office, their true actions will be to the right (Republican) or left (Democrat) of what you read or hear.

How far to the right or left? To determine that, you have to look at non-campaign actions.

Read on, if you like:John McCain? They call him a “maverick” for a reason. It’s hard to say how far to the right he’d sit as President. One thing you can say for sure though is that he WILL sit to the right. You can see that through his years of Congressional service as well as his choice of Sarah Palin as his running mate. He may have bounced to the other side of the aisle sometimes, but he doesn’t stay there.

Barack Obama? He’s documented as the Senator with the most liberal voting record. His running mate Joe Biden is 4th on that list. His political record is only a few years long and a great deal of that time was spent campaigning, so we need more. That’s easy. Ayers, Wright, Dohrn, Khalidi, Rezko.

95% of Americans will get a tax cut, hm? Did you know that the 2001 Bush tax cuts are scheduled to expire soon? Did you know that Obama doesn’t consider the expiration of the tax cuts, which could raise taxes on a family making $50K by somewhere in the ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR range per year, as a tax increase? It’s “just a rollback of a tax cut”. What’s the difference between rolling back a tax cut and increasing taxes?

Did you know about all of Obama’s tax ideas??

In 2001, my family wasn’t making much money. My husband was in college and not working. I was only 5 years into a job I started at entry level. We were living off a small salary and college loans. The tax cut at the time probably helped us a bit, but not enough to really notice.

In 2008, I’m now 13 years into that same job, a senior member of the team who has had a number of promotions and salary increases. My husband has a steady job. We have two children. We’ve benefitted GREATLY from the lower tax rates George Bush and the Republican Congress set for us. Rolling back the tax cuts would increase our tax burden by quite a bit. In addition, as Obama and Biden slowly lower the income level at which they will raise taxes EVEN HIGHER, I worry that their aim is actually at MY family’s income. I’m a solid Conservative and my vote is set, but if I weren’t, the news on Obama’s plans for taxes alone would probably have me voting McCain.

I haven’t even touched on the TRILLION PLUS dollars of new proposals Obama has made that would surely increase our taxes even more. Universal Health Care would increase our taxes again.

I realize that Obama is charismatic. He chants the mantra of Hope and Change. But guess what? Clinton chanted this mantra too, and also preached tax cuts for the middle class. Then, just months into his administration, he came whining to us that he just hadn’t known how bad things were, and he was SO sorry but he’d have to raise taxes after all. Who says our charismatic friend Barack doesn’t have the same plans? It would be so easy to blame George W. Bush…the democrats have been setting that plate for eight long years.

What will we get with Obama? Tax and spend, tax and spend, continued blaming of Bush for every issue, our enemies dancing in the streets. What will we get with McCain? Solid positions on defense, and a man we can work with on the economy and other issues. A future, led by Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Fred Thompson and others who are just now finding their national political conservative voices.

To those who want to make history: It happens regardless of whether you pick Republican or Democrat. We already have the first African-American nominee of a major political party. If McCain wins we have the first woman Vice President. All that said, are we really to the point where it’s more important that the nation’s highest offices are filled based on race or gender rather than qualifications and what they will do when they HAVE those jobs?

Please think about this. Our future is at stake.

(Note: Some of these thoughts are posted at my friend’s blog, Jo’s Cafe)