It has been 2 1/2 months since the election. During that time I’ve tried, like many people, to make sense of what occurred. I’ve asked myself the question countless times…not really expecting an answer… “How could the American people have re-elected this president?” I’ve read all the analyses, have heard all the arguments, and time and again have said out loud, “I’m not ready to draw conclusions yet.”

Well, now I am, and not everyone will agree with me, but at least I know now what I will do going forth.

But first, some background so you’ll know where I’m coming from.

I believe the loss in November had its root cause in the 60’s. The Greatest Generation brought us a peace and prosperity that made us, in short, fat and happy. When people take their minds off the essential things in life, indolence, boredom and thrill-seeking set in. The security provided by our parents allowed us to “explore new things”…the result: Ravi Shankar, Pot, LSD, “Free Love”, etc. and, as with all great civilizations, moral decay.

Radical liberal thought (to distinguish it from classical liberal thought) crept into our discourse, into our banter, into our music, into our culture and, regrettably, into our curricula.

It is said that “Those who can… do. Those who cannot… teach.”  And so it was that the productive, the hardworking, those for whom the American dream was imprinted in their DNA, went about working, producing, creating, building wealth – trying to create, as our parents had taught us, a better future for ourselves and our families. Meanwhile, those “who could not” protested, sought to tear down the “establishment”, began to teach, began to populate the print and airwaves media and generally exhibited what I refer to as the “Mall Rat Syndrome.” The Mall Rat Syndrome is best described by the image of a group of teenagers standing outside a mall, some with skateboards, some smoking, trying desperately to draw attention to themselves, one trying to exhibit either a clothing style or behavior more outrageous than the next, each trying desperately to obtain ego food because their lack of achievement means they can get it nowhere else but from among similar low-ego underachievers. In short, Losers. And, of course, when the Achiever walks by, as misery loves company, they scoff and scold and try to project how “uncool” the Achiever is, while they fill each other with the lie that THEY are the “in crowd.”

The Mall Rats have grown up. Still Losers, they stand on the sidelines and teach rebellion in our children’s classes, still try to outdo one another in outrageous lies and behavior (e.g. Chris Matthews) wrapping themselves in “pop culture cool”, and their voices are now so shrill and so loud that they have drowned out the Achievers, who never blew their own horns anyway!

The 60’s Creatives went to Hollywood where they continue to eschew reality and instead produce “false reality”, heart string tugs that appeal to the base, impractical emotions of the unproductive Losers/Takers and give them the sense that they will prevail and prosper because, eventually, as victims of the oppressors (the Productive) they will “get their fair share”. As perception is reality… at least half of our population now lives in this fantasy world.

The Mall Rats are joined by the “Limousine Liberals” to whom the Rules Don’t Apply. You’ve seen them… they have ribbons of various colors on their lapels, bumper stickers that “pray for peace” and attend the annual charity galas. They are all form over substance. They sacrifice little or nothing in comparison to their wealth or influence. But they assuage guilt or feed their egos by boasting in word and deed to the world how benevolent they are. They are the obnoxious travelers who talk down to the airline attendants or demand to go to the front of the line because they’re Special. They are the parents who stand up in PTA meetings and demand that more money be spent on education (while paying tutors to teach their own children) but fail to insist that their own kids turn off the tv, put down their texting devices, or their video games. They speed, they lie, they hire accountants to “avoid” taxes, they vote for liberal causes because, like lemmings, they want desperately to receive the same kind of adulation the Hollywood crowd requires. They have more money than brains. The rules simply don’t apply to them.. the rules are for “the other people,” because they’re SPECIAL.

Meanwhile, the conniving cognoscenti, political class that came from the loser segment of the 60’s have sought ego food in “working for the people”. Witness professional politicians like Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer. The ego food these men and all those like them have received from the Losers whom they’ve told “vote for me…I’ll take care of you.” deludes them into thinking they’re doing good for society and the country when, in fact, they’re not teaching men to fish… they’re giving them fish! They wrap themselves in titles like, “public servant” which sounds so noble. And, as time goes on, the drug of power and adulation addicts men like this such that they have no other productive use than to take from the Achievers and doll out their theft to the Losers, thus perpetuating their power, feeding their egos, and reinforcing dependency.

So what happened on November 6th last year was that the tipping point was reached where the sum total of the unproductive Losers and Union-Thug-Arm-Twisted Left, plus the Weakened-by-Left-Propaganda-Center, plus the Productive who were too busy being productive to get to the polls and were lulled into thinking that Obama would lose in a landslide, plus the purist, ideological Right who wouldn’t vote for a Mormon, plus the Weak-by-Virtue-of-Their-Lives-Being-Led from within their crackberries and iPhones, plus the “cool”, “New Rebellion” libertarians, ultimately resulted in the disaster of 2008 being perpetuated in 2012.

Back in the 60’s there was a guy by the name of Ted Patrick who was hired by rich families to kidnap kids from flower communes and radical cults and psychologically “deprogram” them. The whole country needs a Ted Patrick… because too many of our people have become so brainwashed, or gullible, that their reality simply ISN’T…it’s something only Hollywood could devise. We read and talk about a conservative, or traditional, or capitalist counter-insurgency. We listen to the Ann Coulters, the Michael Savages, the Jonah Goldbergs, the Krauthammers and Kudlows, the Rubios and Pawlentys and Gingriches all of whom make often thoughtful, sometimes alarmist, sometimes funny arguments that cause us to nod….but, and here’s where I finally come to answer the question, “What do we do about this?” …all the logical argumentation is lost now on a majority of the American people. We all thought the people wouldn’t be so stupid as to re-elect this guy. Well, they have despite the obvious to anyone not so dumbed down or brainwashed.

We must deprogram the sheeple. And we can’t appeal to reason to do it. The majority of Americans now think with their emotions, not their heads, (or some other part of their anatomy other than their heads), and thus the deprogramming must be subtle.

We need a new set of heroes. They can’t be Jack Bauers who eventually go south and question the virtue of defending what’s right, or wallow in the netherworld of grey between right and wrong. They can’t be visible fighters like Allen West, or Ayn Rand objectivists. No, they have to be liberal-leftist fictional characters (initially) who encounter what I regrettably have come to term “REAL – Reality”. They are pop-culture cool, worshipped lefties who, among the Mall Rats start jeering the Right, at first join in, then eventually remain quiet, then stop going to the mall so often, then exhibit the strength of character and courage to “just say no” to non-productivity and dependency…who slowly, and subtly, come to realize that maybe their parents weren’t so dumb after all… that maybe the liberal revolution isn’t helping them after all. And they finds ways of reaching outside to help others… not in an overtly Judeo-Christian way… as that would, today, be too “in your face” (regrettably), but encounter situations where they do things that are beyond the 6″ bubble that surrounds the narcissist, self-absorbed Left today, which also tug at the heart strings, and which slowly, subtly, begin to awaken the sheeple to what they’ve done to themselves.

For what has happened to us is a kind of “frog-in-boiling water” – “death by a thousand cuts”, “ratchet-effect.” A frog tossed into boiling water will immediately jump out. A frog left in warm water with the heat on underneath will eventually boil to death as it doesn’t perceive the subtle changes in the temperature. Similarly, the Left has cut our country with small razor cuts that we can’t don’t feel very much, but we are bleeding and are now extremely low on life-blood. And, there is a ratchet on a rope and noose around our throats (or we are slowly being pulled apart – think of the final scene in Braveheart) that is slowly being tightened click by click.

And as this leftward lurch has gained steam and power, the radical losers are seeking to turn the flame underneath the frog up full, or shove the dagger directly into the heart of America, or more rapidly increase the speed and frequency of the ratchet clicks.

There is generally one way to put slack in the rope…STRIP THE RATCHET gears. That can happen, of course, with another 9-11 or some global event that brings our people back to REAL Reality, but we can’t count on it, and we certainly don’t wish it. Rather, we need to work at fraying the rope… and applying our own razor cuts to it… or pull the Mall Rats away from the ratchet and reverse the clicks.

I must admit that most times I’m so angry at what’s happened and what’s happening to America that I just want to fight openly… to make my voice heard at the restaurant saying how stupid and dumbed down people have been re-electing Obama and how blind they are to REAL Reality…to “get in the face” of the loud, obnoxious, gloating losers who were jumping up and down and swooning at the rock star’s inauguration yesterday…to mow down the mall rats tending the flame underneath us, wielding the razor, clicking the ratchet…

But what I WILL do, from this point on… is go underground and gather and channel money and resources to media outlets that will join with me in devising the new heroes I described above…double agents who, with RIGHT values and a clear understanding of what this Country is meant to be. I will seek to craft a PSYOPS insurgency that acknowledges the mental limitations of the majority of our people and goes after emotions and sensitivities just as the Left has done. In the absence of an outside SHOCK like, God forbid, another, even worse 9-11 (because, after all, the impact of 9-11 in reversing the leftward course was relatively short-lived) slowly (for this will take years, and well beyond my lifetime) will deprogram our people and awaken them to REAL Reality.

And as for REAL, not fictional heroes… I will pray that God will raise up a David, a Patrick Henry, another Reagan, who will be able to inspire, motivate, create the seven second soundbites and counter quips that will expose the hypocrisy and destructiveness of the Hollywood-produced, union and radical environmental-inspired and manipulated demagogues of the Left and become a light-set-on-a-hill that the sheeple and dumbed-down will want to follow.

And I will pray that God will bless America.

P.S. I was tempted to sign this “John Connor”.