We Told You So!

While thinking people continue to rail against the shocking and unabashed seizure of power by the democrats and liberal left, we seem to keep warning about the future impact their actions will have. It’s high time we remind the American public that precisely what we said would happen indeed HAS happened!

For example, we said if the democrats took back Congress they’d do nothing but hold hearings to try to destroy President Bush. Look at the record… they did NOTHING between their re-ascension and the Obama coronation but hold hearings and try to discredit W.

We said that if Obama were elected, we’d be placing into office the most far left, inexperienced questionably loyal (to United States interests), demagogue in our history, and that’s EXACTLY what happened.

Here’s the problem. Americans since World War II have become so fat and happy, and worse, so dumbed down that if it doesn’t fit in a 7 second sound bite more than 50% won’t take the time to read or consider REAL issues and problems and their impact not just on themselves but on our country as a whole! Thus they’ve become so lazy that they’ve let whatever tugs at their emotions completely overtake their reason and thoughtful judgement! So weakened, it’s no wonder Hollywood, with sub-woofer jabs to the soul and heart tugging dramas of oppressive industry figures and other farsical scapegoats, are able to pull the wool over our peoples’ eyes.

Those of you who are reading this don’t fall into this category, but you see all around you the sycophants and mesmerized lemmings who follow the One and all his nonsensical, (he runs a tingle up my leg) rhetoric so full of style and so void of substance!

I wish our conservative commentators would every now and then remind us that “We told you so.” In November 2010 it won’t be enough to warn, as we did in November 2008, of what would happen if we keep the idiots in Congress. WE MUST RUB THEIR NOSES IN THEIR OWN MESS and remind the American public  that it’s not just about what WILL happen, but what has ALREADY HAPPENED!

The cries of what will happen to our children and grandchildren are too far removed from our narcissistic and self-absorbed current population that they don’t have a chance against the lying pictures of polar bears on ice floes and hysterical testimonies of uninsured “victims” of our horrible health care system – images and sound bites that “tug at the heartstrings…

Wake up America. Think! Stop the insanity taking place right before our eyes not just for future generations, but for OUR time. RIGHT NOW!