The principle of "Disproportionate Reality"

I’m still working on the definition, but I’ll try to describe what I mean by the term “Disproportionate Reality”.  Let’s take two, seemingly similar incidents: Obama bowing to the Saudi King and Bush massaging the shoulders of Angela Merkel. Both were real events (i.e. “Reality”). The Left attempted to excuse Obama’s action first by denying he did it at all, and failing with that approach, attempted to deflect this inexcusable behavior by pointing to Bush’s faux pas of massaging Merkel’s shoulders, an act, which, while gauche and inappropriate, was innocent. Why? Because Obama’s bowing was totally CONSISTENT with his many other apologetic words and actions, revealing one of his fundamental weaknesses – an inability to stand up for our country. Bush’s was a dumb mistake totally INCONSISTENT with his attitude and behavior toward foreign heads of state, which was deferential and formal 95% of the time! Yet the MSM equated the two incidents, suggesting that even if Obama DID bow, Bush’s action was just as bad….hence the disproportionate reality.

Here’s another example. You have a split screen on your television. On the left you have Al Sharpton. On the right you have, say, the late William F. Buckley. The stature of these two men, to most thinking, educated Americans, is simply not comparable. However, putting them on the screen together and giving them equal time causes the viewing public to think of them as equals. In fact, the media is giving disproportionate weight (i.e. reality) to Sharpton and, conversely, diminishing Buckley.

If you understand to what I’m referring and can help me create a better definition for this phenomenon or explain it better, I’d welcome the help. Would I be wrong to suggest that it’s a variation of the concept of “availability bias,” for example?

What I’m trying to do here is further expose the Left’s destructive demagoguery. When called on their lies and deceit, they deny, dissemble, deflect, denigrate and ultimately, attempt to destroy. It is very difficult to challenge them on their ground – what with Hollywood, academia and the bar in their camp, the population’s seven second sound bite attention span and insatiable demand for sensory/”feeling” input. I’ve resigned myself that to combat their nonsense, we need simple concepts like the Contract with America. And, when calling them out, we need simple to understand definitions that encapsulate what it is they do to distort reality and advance their power-lust-based agenda. 

So help me with this definition please?