I can no longer remain silent...

Like most conservatives, I’d prefer to keep a low profile and focus on my family, my job, my community and my hobbies. But in the face of the most radical lurch to the left in my lifetime (and I grew up in the Sixties!), I can no longer remain silent. As an affluent New Yorker, I am surrounded by the most egregious form of limousine liberals to whom the rules don’t apply, who wear ribbons and adorn their bumpers with “cause” stickers while attending only benefits where they can be seen and call that public service and charity, who have the attention span of gnats, and who repeat mainstream media soundbites like so many parrot/lemmings.I will no longer sit in the background. First I’ve got to get hold of my temper, for yes, I am an old, white guy who is ANGRY…angry at what’s happening to my country, and feeling powerless and humiliated that I can’t change things. I am looking for a NEW Contract with America and a new voice/personality who has the charisma, character, courage and leadership qualities to combat what at the moment seems to be an overwhelming tide of social progressivism. And while I know that in time, political correctness and secular liberalism will implode on itself, I shudder as I watch what damage it has already caused, and will cause, in this curent administrative embodiment.

I you are of like mind, I’d welcome hearing from you.