RedState, The Motion Picture

Before, I suggested just one conservative film be financed by over-the-counter stock, rather than the conventional means of private financing, that rely on phone calls and connection to venture capitalists and other financiers.

But I’m going to explore what the consequences of a successful endeavor would be. Possibly, the whole studio system as we know it could be lodged from power. Before, I pondered only the effect of “penny stock” generating capital from the general right-wing blogosphere, which may consist of only three-hundred thousand committed readers daily. They’re highly distributed, I think, with only Glenn Reynolds and Michelle Malkin really getting mountain-loads of traffic, over a hundred thousand each day.

As a general rule, I assume only one in ten that support a cause will financially contribute, so out of 300k, I’d expect only thirty-thousand to hand over one dollar to a cause they believe in. I’ll be more optimistic in this case, because it’s assumed something will be received from the donation, unlike a political campaign contribution, where, if your candidate loses, you get no return of investment, and the other guy wins the whole seat.

So an investor class seems to be there for the conservative film, but there must be other groups that will follow the move, once we prove the model works. Off-hand, I see no reason why any internet “tribe” of considerable size and trustworthy tribe elder couldn’t follow.

Fark, Somthing Awful, Maddox, Digg, Gawker Media, Boing Boing, (social networks, search engines, web portals, maybe?) and the whole range of internet subcultures with a hub and a charismatic leading “internet celebrity” are obvious choices. Networks surrounding existing mainstream media may also wish to finance and create their own derivative work. Fan fiction culture, talk radio, and fandom for the science fiction authors with web followings are obvious possibilities.

Yes, Daily Kos and Democratic Underground could jump in, too. Surely the screenplay for Mr Bush At Nuremberg is already written. As long as each subculture has enough people with the loose change to buy a vanity t-shirt around, it can happen.

As far as I can tell, the milbloggers are pining most for David Bellavia’s ‘House to House’. If, say, Redstate Pictures, a division of Eagle Publishing, collaborates with with the milblogger subculture, a reasonably high-production movie could be shot.

The great advantage of shooting a combat film that aims to portray the military as accurately as possible is the assistance Community Relations will offer. This gives our hypothetical project a boost others may be deprived of. Consider it our own special force multiplier.

After the first successful film, more traditional means of private financing would likely approach us. The success of one should beget the chance at another. We would likely receive an ample credit line. We would enjoy the fruits of what Michael Shermer called the Matthew Effect.

I would assume several internet-based tribes would reap the same effect. The best would ride to the top of the Pareto chart, becoming new established player very quickly.