Jihadist Market Manipulation

While liberal pols’ and journalists’ antagonist in their ongoing demon of the week drama is currently oil speculators, other more insidious market actors could be in action causing deeper and more lasting harm.

According to a recent post on the Terror Finance blog by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld and Alyssa A. Lappen, the war on Islamic Fascism should also include an understanding of Shari’a finance and its role in subverting Western economies. Money quotes:

Rising oil prices and the West’s dependency on Middle East oil, combined with willful blindness and political correctness, provide a surge of petrodollars, making financial and economic jihad so much easier to carry out. Moreover, according to Shari’a, Muslims hold all property in trust for Allah. Therefore, under the Shari’a, all current and historic Muslim acquisitions everywhere, including the United States, belong to the ummah, in trust for Allah.

So, if high oil prices aren’t enough to convince you to support domestic oil production, maybe the threat of our sworn enemies using proceeds from $4/gallon gas against us will. While all Muslims may not uphold the command to hold property in trust for Allah, enough might to work implement the jihadist market menace.