Time for Boehner and Cantor to be replaced

In the 2010 election the House Republicans campaigned on a promise to cut spending to 2008 levels and to cut 100 billion dollars in the first year. House Republican leadership broke the 100 billion dollar promise first  by agreeing to a budget deal for fiscal 2011 with the President with real cuts of 352 million dollars and a smoke and mirror number of only 32 billion dollars despite their promise, a historic electoral mandate, and a budget deficit of 1.6 trillion.

When asked about their promise to cut spending to 2008 levels the house Republican leaders responded that we had not heard them right and they are keeping that promise. They say that 2008 spending levels  did not mean OVERALL levels, they meant 2008 spending levels for discretionary, nondefense spending which is only about 17% of the budget. And they say they have a plan to get that 17% of the budget back to 2008 levels by 2030. As for the other 83% of the budget they plan to increase that spending every single year. Did you follow that? As for a plan actually balances the budget and saves the declining dollar; they haven’t got one. How could they when we already have a 1.6 trillion dollar deficit and they are going to increase 83% of the budget every year?They have no intention of even cutting back to 2008 levels much less balancing the budget.

Then House leadership puts out a 2012 budget that under the most rosy revenue scenarios adds 5 trillion dollars to the Debt over ten years.More realistically it would nearly double our debt held by the public. This budget would also increase spending by another 1.1 trillion dollars.

Now the Boehner/Cantor team wants to increase the debt ceiling by another 2.7 trillion dollars guaranteeing significant increased inflation that will raise the cost of living for every American and potentially collapse the dollar. They say in exchange for this debt inflation and interest payments we will have 2.7 trillion in cuts over ten years. Any second grader with at least a D in math will tell you that increasing spending is not a cut. As Rush said “there are no Cuts”.


Clearly Mr. Boehner and Mr Cantor cannot continue in House leadership and I call on them to be replaced.