Senator Dick Lugar's Third Strike

With most of the focus on the upcoming loss of Nancy Pelosi’s gavel, this Tuesday’s victory by Christine O’Donnell has reminded us all of the diseased elephant in the room. For the last 15 years, the Republican members of the United States Senate have failed in keeping their oath to preserve and defend the Constitution.

When it comes to an increase in the size of government and a decline in our nation’s traditional moral values, no other group in Washington is more to blame than Senate Republicans. They have not sealed the border but instead promoted amnesty. They have not limited the federal government but rather fought to double it. They have not protected the rights of the unborn but rather urged the status quo.

The Senate has not fought the good fight on any issue but rather they have spent their time passing out favors and back slaps to their special interest friends. With their fingers in the air judging the wind and staring at mirrors in admiration, they are hoping and “praying” that the American people don’t figure out what they are really up to.

Ninety-nine times out of one hundred, Senate Republicans have failed to even remotely do their duty by serving the people and protecting the Constitution. The one issue where the Senate GOP has even attempted to do what they are supposed to do is on the issue of judicial activism. The only thing the Senate Republicans have been good for is standing up to the activist judges who are piece by piece destroying our Constitution and reshaping our country.

Not Senator Richard Lugar. He supports and advocates for activist judges. In fact, Senator Lugar has voted to confirm almost every activist judge currently sitting on the bench. Most recently he voted for Sonia Sotamayor, David (it is ok to pray to Allah but not Jesus) Hamilton, confirmed CZAR Cass (we need to ban hunting) Sunstein…and now Elena Kagan. Senator Lugar votes for them all.

If a courageous Republican questions one of these activist nominees, Lugar goes into overdrive to defend the “nominee” until they become a lifetime judge. He argues that they are good, qualified people and that we should not get political on nominees with litmus tests.

At the same time he publicly throws Sharon Angle of Nevada, the GOP nominee to defeat Harry Reid, under the bus by calling her common sense, mainstream conservative views “extreme.” So Senator Lugar: Angle’s views (abolish the Department of Education, hold the U.N. accountable to reform or withdraw, reforming Social Security so politicians can no longer steal our money) are extreme, but your activist judge friends are “qualified and mainstream?” The truth is Lugar is much more comfortable with Harry Reid and Elena Kagan than he is with real conservatism.

No one is more respected among the Senators than Richard Lugar. The reason is simple: Senator Lugar embodies and represents the Senate unlike any other Senator. He is the Senate.

The United States Senate has a long way to go before we get rid of all the big government compromisers who have sold out to the special interests. But for here and now, we must draw the line against those GOP Senators who year after year and, in this case, decade after decade enable judicial activism by endorsing and supporting activist judges.

We must vote out every activist Senator who supports activist judges and there is no better place to start than with Richard Lugar. 

For more than three decades, Senator Lugar has consistently swung and missed on keeping his oath to preserve the Constitution. But now for Lugar, with Justice Hamilton, Justice Sotomayor and Justice Kagan, its three strikes and you’re out.