Clinton was Actually the Doom & Gloom Candidate When Comparing Her Speech to Trump’s

After Trump gave his acceptance speech at the Republican Convention, the Clinton talking points that the media reported on was that it were all negative and doom and gloom. They even scolded him.

Dear people who think Trump was the negative one during his speech. HA! Clinton’s list of what is wrong with America was much longer in her speech than Trump’s list in his speech. And the funny thing is that Democrats have been pretty much running the show for the last eight years. So why haven’t all of her complaints been fixed????

Here are facts. I know liberals don’t like facts but here they are. I went through the speeches.


– Clinton

– Obama

– No safety (murders and other crime is up, illegals released into the country)

– No prosperity

– No peace (terrorism/ISIS)

– No law and order (attacks on police)

– Household incomes down

– Manufacturing trade deficit is at an all-time high

– Illegal immigration

– Budget and national debt is terrible

– Roads and bridges falling apart

– Airports are in third world condition

– 43 million Americans on food stamps

– Humiliation of Americans overseas

– Iran deal

– American weakness led to no stability overseas – Benghazi, Syria, Egypt

– Iraq in chaos

– Refugee crisis and lack of vetting

– Poverty

– Globalism

– Government incompetence

– Leaders failing the citizens

– Injustice

– Bad trade deals

– Failure with inner cities – jobs, education, crime – kids need to be treated and protected equally

– Allowing China to steal intellectual property and manipulate currency

– Tax laws need to be reformed

– Regulations need to be reformed

– Energy rules need to be reformed

– Military has been depleted

– Need to take better care of our veterans


– Trump

– We need economic justice

– We need social justice

– Powerful forces are threatening to pull us apart

– Bonds of trust and respect are fraying

– Not everyone who wants a good paying job can get one

– We need a path to citizenship for immigrants

– Too many people haven’t had a pay raise since Obama was elected

– Too much inequality

– Too little mobility

– Too much paralysis in Washington

– Too many threats at home and abroad

– The economy is only working for people at the top

– Not everyone has a good job

– Not everyone’s kids can go to a good school

– Not everyone’s dreams are within reach

– Communities aren’t safe

– We’re still facing deep-seated problems (economic)

– Not enough opportunity

– Too much money in politics

– Not enough voting rights

– Citizens United

– American corporations take too many tax breaks

– Wall Street

– Climate change

– Minimum wage should be raised

– No one working full time should be in poverty

– Every man, woman and child needs affordable health care

– Unfair trade deals

– We need to stand up to China

– Social Security needs to be expanded

– Women’s rights concerning healthcare needs to be protected

– Women need equal pay

– Young people need be better prepared for jobs

– College tuition needs to be free

– People aren’t able to balance family and work

– Families need affordable child care and family leave

– Our current ISIS strategy

– People are getting shot by others who shouldn’t have guns

– We need to heal the divides in our country

– People aren’t listening to each other