I AM leaving the Republicans. Mark Levin is right. But I'm not an inch away from leaving. I am GONE.

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Mark Levin is right. The elected Republican party has betrayed us.

And it’s time to leave.

There was a time when being a Republican meant something and stood for something. A time when they stood for better things than the Democrat party. Common sense things. American things. The Constitution and Freedom. They fought for the American people – not for their own jobs, power and salary. They didn’t make deals with our tax money with other politicians.

Then there was a time when they believed and fought for most of what they said they were going to fight for. They had their moments where they horse-traded things away – but for the most part, they stood up for the really important things.

Then there was a time when they were a shadow of their former selves but at least they stood up for the BIG THINGS. Yes, they passed bills to benefit their political donors. Yes, they caved in to most of what the Democrats wanted but they would have backbone when it came to the big things in America – the Constitution, the economy, border security, health care, the military. They put in an EFFORT to stand up for the big things.

NOW is the time when they stand for NOTHING but getting themselves elected. They are not even “Democrat Light” anymore. They are 90% Democrat and 10% Republican. They are RepublicRATS. That is NOT acceptable.

Funding Obamacare and an illegal presidential amnesty order is NOT ACCEPTABLE. They jumped the shark this past week and there is no going back. They are as “out” in the public now about their liberalism as Obama is.

I am DONE with the Republicans. I will accept ONLY Conservatives from now on – at a Federal, State and County level. DONE, DONE, DONE. You have betrayed us and I am leaving you.

If [mc_name name=’Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001098′ ] runs on the Republican ticket, I will make an exception to vote for him – but that is my only exception until the Republicans stop betraying us, lying to us and about us – and until they stop joining in with the Democrat corruption. If people are smart enough to chose Cruz in the primary, then maybe there is hope for the Republican party. Otherwise, I am DONE. Done for a long time. Our elected Republicans stand for nothing.