Every Day is 9/11

Every Day is 9/11.

Every day is September 11th when we have enemies who want to destroy America. Enemies who are both foreign and domestic. Enemies who are always plotting against us. Patriotic and law-abiding Americans must be on guard against their own government and politicians as well as other countries and terrorists. They all have the same goal – to destroy our way of life and take away our freedoms.

WE work hard to provide for our families. We serve our communities by working to provide a service or product while our own government overtaxes us. By taking away our money, they take away our personal property and the freedom to care for ourselves in the future. I can make much better choices about my future and retirement than the government – but they steal my money for “social security” – but it’s not really used for that – they use the money for whatever they want to. There is no “lockbox”. We are taxed by our the Federal government, our state and or cities and counties. If you actually add up ALL of your taxes – property taxes, utliity taxes, gas taxes, sales taxes, etc., you will probably be surprised (or not) like I was that you pay MORE than 50% of your income in taxes.

WE work and play alongside gays and minorities and people from other religions who are vastly different from us – while at the same time the drive-by media and our government does everything in their power to divide us as much as they possibly can – race, religion, gender, sexuality, political party, etc. Instead of documenting and uncovering ACTUAL injustice in the country based on these things, they find superficial, and often untruthful, situations to exploit for their own greed and political power. This happens while real injustices continue. They try to convince us that isolated incidents are epidemics of what kind of people we are. Nothing could be further from the truth.

WE adhere to the laws of the land and defend the freedoms that the Constitution has given to us – while at the same time our government does their best to trample EVERY Amendment that was written – every guarantee that the Founding Fathers gave us. They are unlawful. They use the IRS to go after political enemies, lie about it and are never brought to justice. They use the Justice Department to be unjust. They issue illegal Executive Orders even though the Separation of Powers was developed for a very good reason. They give powers agencies like the Department of Energy and the Department of Education which operates as a shadow government, imposing any rule they want to on the American people without any of it going through our political representatives in Congress.

So I say that ISIS and our government are made of the same cloth. They have different strategies and different plays that they make – but they are playing the same game – just in different arenas. They have the same goal – and it’s not to defend our freedom or security.

God bless everyone who died on September 11, 2001. They were some of the first casualties in this war against us.

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