A List of Offensive & Disparaging Names That the Obama Trademark Office Allows

So the Obama Trademark office, like every other department under the Obama administration, gets to pick and choose who gets legal coverage, due process, health care, contract enforcement, Skittles and air to breathe. They base this on which political party you belong to or how much money you donate to the Democrat party and their candidates. If you’ve “in” with the cool kids, you can get waivers, ignore the law, get large sums of money in the form of grants and much more. It’s pay to play for the BIG BOYS and GIRLS who know how to suck up to the Democrats. It’s not anything new to politics but the Obama administration has brought game to a whole new level by totally ignoring the law at every turn and never being called to the carpet by Congress or the drive-by media. And if you’re on the WRONG side of their ideology, their party and their money… WATCH OUT!

The Obama Trademark Trial and Appeal Board says that the Redskins trademark is cancelled because they are disparaging to the Native Americans. The Obama Trademark office doesn’t give a crap about what is disparaging to whom. Here is a list that I found of current (LIVE) trademarks from the Federal website. This is no way a complete list. Just the highlights. Some words are obviously disparaging. Others have explanations about why they are offensive to groups of people…

Red Apple Bakery (Red apple = Native American who is red on the outside and white on the inside)

American Geezers


The Beaners (Beaners: people of Mexican descent)

Perma-Chink (Chink is derogatory to people of Chinese or East  Asian descent)

Cheesehead Poker (Cheesehead is derogatory towards Dutch – Hitler used thisword; also detogatory towards Wisconsinites)

Gay Vegas

Sexy Gay Nasty

Have a Gay Day

That’s So Gay

Limey Bastard (Limey = a derogatory word meaning a British person)

Weezin Geezer

Authentic Redneck

Redneck Kingdom

Redneck Army

Redneck Rodeo

Aunt Jemima

We Fly for Boobies.org

I Love Boobies

Boobies Make Me Smile

Colored Boobies (doubly offensive)

Uppity Negro

Baked by a Negro

New Negro

Honkey Kong

Figgas Over Niggas

River Rats

Lip Booty

Spic and Span

Bimbo Vital

Bimbo Soccer

Bimbo Skunk

Dago Swagg (Dago = a derogatory word for a person from Italy, Spain, Portugal or South America)

Dago Red

Maine Coons (Coon is derogatory to a black person)

Wacky Cracker

Florida Crackers

Christmas Crackers

Gringo Bandito

Black Tie by Old Gringo


Original Uncle Toms Barbecue

Twinkie (European American with little or no social or blood links to any tribe, who claims to be an American Indian)

Cocky Hillbilly

Hungry Hillbilly’s

I Got at Hymie’s (Hymie = disparaging to Jewish person)

Bang Bang Yank Gang (Yank = disparaging to Americans)

Mixed Chicks

Chicks on a Bench

Whisky Chicks