Settling (for crapola)

We have a Marxist in the White House and THIS is what we have to choose from?



Because the Conservative cowards out there won’t  put our country before themselves and run for office, that’s why. We’re all waiting to wake up from this Twilight Zone episode to see a new list of candidates.

I could come up with a list of many people far better and more acceptable than we have now – and so could you…

Marco Rubio
Paul Ryan
Jim DeMint
Liz Cheney
Sarah Palin
Bobby Jindal
Justin Amash

What we have to choose from currently is a bunch of sell-outs in various areas – illegal immigration, federalism, global warming, TARP and all the things we have definite opinions on. So we have to decide which are the greatest crimes against us. Is selling out on global warming worse than selling us out on federalism or illegal immigration? Are you serious that we have to choose from this?

And because the OTHER cowards out there – Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin and others – are too gutless to pick a candidate, the Conservative vote gets split and we end up with the head Rino at the top.

I don’t find any legitimacy in the primaries/caucuses so far because there hasn’t been a CLOSED primary. And there won’t be one until Florida, which is winner-take-all on delegates.

Open primaries, closed primaries, proportional primaries, winner take all, winner take all by district and statewide etc. The details are never explained in the media.

It’s a lot of math and a lot more complicated than the media lets on as they continue to push Romney as our candidate.

And then there are states like my own – Michigan – which looks like because their primary is too early, half of the delegates can be thrown out.

Well, if Romney doesn’t win Michigan (or South Carolina, Florida, or Arizona), how much do you want to bet that the winner will only get half of the delegates? Do you think that the national Republican party will let anyone but Romney keep them all? I don’t think so.

Face it, people. We are sunk by our own Republican party on a state-wide and national level. They have made their rules and picked their candidate so that they can keep their power base. Look at your own state. I bet you keep seeing the same names going in and out of office in different positions. They take care of each other from one Republican administration to the next.

The ONLY thing we can do is give our votes to ONE Conservative so that we can beat Romney. But I don’t think you all are willing to do that. And I don’t think any of the candidates running are willing to drop out and endorse another one of them for the GOOD OF THE COUNTRY. And that’s the sad state of affairs. At a time when our country is at one of it’s worse crisis points, we are in the middle of crapola.

The headlines tonight include “Santorum crashes back to earth” and “historic win” for Romney. Really? Who DIDN’T know that Romney, Paul and Huntsman were going to win liberal New Hampshire? And who cares?

Where are you, Tea Party? Once again, you’re been outsmarted by the liberals. They have “occupy” everything. They might not be accomplishing much but either are we. We took back the house – but Boehner took that away from us. We don’t have a unified brand. We don’t have a candidate.

Republican primaries and caucuses go through June 26th. A candidate must secure 1144 delegates. Romney has 16. Big deal. Santorum has 11.

There’s a long way to go. I am disappointed – and sick to my stomach – when I look at who’s running for the nomination – and who’s not running.

I remember another Redstate post a few weeks back – something about all the candidates suck – pick one. I second that. Unless the Santorum/Gingrich/Perry voters settle on ONE candidate, it’s over for Conservatives.