Why is there no clear consistent Republican nominee? Because we have no warriors. We have no one who has clearly shown they have the knowledge and the passion of Conservatism combined with the urgency and understanding of what is going on in our country and how close we are to total destruction.

There have been surges and disappointments. There have been “false prophets” in the image of Palin, Rubio and Cain (all of them my favorite Conservatives). Why do I call them false? Because in the end, none of them “get” it. None of them understand that our country is ultimately much more important than THEIR lives and THEIR FAMILIES. Their unwillingness to run for president is proof that they don’t understand our current situation.

I can’t imagine George Washington deciding that the state of Virginia was more important than the new union of the United States. I can’t imagine Lincoln dropping out because intrusive opponents, whether lying or telling the truth, were digging into his past.

For God’s sake, candidates, act like you love the United States and the Constitution as much as the rest of us do. And act like you know what’s going on in the country. Spend two hours a day on the internet. I don’t want to hear about your immigration policy for the 16th time. There are at least ten stories a day you can find about economic disaster, Obamacare disaster or losses in our freedoms. Talk about it in realtime. Show that you’re in the loop. It’s embarrassing when you are in a debate and I know more about what’s going on in Libya, more about baseline budgeting or more about a recent unconstitutional executive order than you do. Embarrassing for YOU, that is, and you don’t even know it’s happening. You are all OLD SCHOOL. Your voters are becoming more knowledgeable than you are. You must KEEP UP. If Congress just originated a spending bill in the Senate, talk about it. The rest of us know it’s unconstitutional. Do you? Or aren’t you paying attention in between bus rides and kissing babies?

You have a new electorate to deal with. We’re more educated about what is going on than ever before and we keep in contact with each other. A lot of us are in the Tea Party and if you hang around or are endorsed by people who ridicule us (Karl Rove, Colin Powell, etc.), we won’t be voting for you.

You FAIL to consistently paint a picture of our future with more liberalism. Obama is bad, Obama is bad. Fine. That’s old news. Tell me what Obama and the Democrats did TODAY and how it affects everyone’s lives. Tell us what you would do differently. Have a spine. Defend conservatism. Defend us. Know what you’re talking about, feel it like we do and speak well about it. You should know where you stand on issues automatically. Don’t reach for words. It’s in your heart or it isn’t. And understand your place as a president. We know what the President can do and what Congress is supposed to do. Don’t act like we’re stupid. We’ve read the Constitution. Don’t over–promise something that you have no Constitutional authority to deliver.

And one more thing…What have any of YOU really lost in all of this? Just your privacy and your time. The rest of us have lost a lot more – our jobs, our homes, our incomes, our retirement, our freedoms. Every day it gets worse. If you don’t understand that the country is more important than you are, we don’t want you. We already have someone in the Oval Office who feels that way.