The Government Subsidy of the Lowest Common Denominator Has Led Us to this Point in American History

Excuse me if I offend you if you or your family happens to be in one of the following categories but I believe in personal responsibility. Has anyone read the Constitution lately? The federal government is limited in what they are supposed to do by enumerated powers. But apparently that contract with America has all gone out the window.

I am really sick of paying for everyone else’s bad decisions and lifestyles. Subsidizing the lowest common denominator is now what the federal government is all about. Gosh, how did people ever get by without unemployment money, Medicaid checks or food stamps? Did they actually have to take care of themselves or change their habits? Did they have to move – or stop drinking – or grow a garden to take care of their family?

Lowest Common Denominator 1:
The people who are not willing to take care of their own parents
Why take care of your own parents when you can stick them in a nursing home? Sure it’s $3000 a month but YOU aren’t paying for it. Medicare is. No skin off YOUR BACK. It’s like those Hoveround commercials – “at little or no cost to you.” Yes, Mr. Smith is not paying for his own Hoveround but I sure as Heck am paying for it in the column on my pay stub that says, “Medicare.”

Lowest Common Denominator 2:
The people who are not willing to do what it takes to provide for their own family
Okay, so you’ve lost your job. I feel bad for you – I really do. But if you didn’t have unemployment, what would you do? You’d have some hard choices to make. You might have to find a lower paying job; you might have to work 2 or 3 jobs for a while; your spouse might have to work; you might actually have to downsize your lifestyle and not have a cell phone, internet access or the second car; you might have to move in with relatives; you might have to start your own business or work freelance; you might even have to move to a new city or state where you can find a job. But why bother with personal responsibility when the government will deposit money into your checking account for 99 weeks? Consider it a paid vacation.

Lowest Common Denominator 3:
The people who are morally bankrupt and therefore financially bankrupting the rest of us.
In this category we have the smokers and drinkers whose health & mental problems cost everyone dearly. We have the addicts who get disability money. We have the teenagers who get pregnant out of wedlock and expect the government to pay for their bad choices. This category also includes illegal aliens who are LAWBREAKERS but still seek and are provided health care and other amenities from the government (our tax dollars).

The Sugar Daddy:
The Government
Because the government is not able to let people live with their own bad choices, they have decided that they have to use taxpayer money to make their decisions for them. Instead of letting people fall on their face or pick themselves up off the floor themselves, the government subsidizes their bad behavior, enabling them to continue on their path of sloth. I would much rather pay for my own retirement income but no, the government has to “steal” my money for a social security trust fund that doesn’t exist. If they would quit stealing my money, I would HAVE enough for my own retirement and health care. My combined tax burden of federal, state, and county tax, in addition to property taxes, sales taxes, phone taxes and about 20 more taxes I pay is over 50%. That is tyranny. The government makes sure people are dependent on them as much as possible so they can keep accumulating more money and power.

And that, my dear friends, is the state of the Union.

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