How do you spell Republican? C-O-W-A-R-D

Former Wyoming Senator Alan Simpson, a loyal Republican used to say, "We have two political parties in this country, the Stupid Party and the Evil Party. I belong to the Stupid Party." The cowardice of our Stupid Republican party has been holding true to form lately.

With evil intentions, for the last two years, the Democrats have used bribery, unconstitutionality, threats, rule breaking and more to get their way. Along with the long reach of Obama’s executive orders and his lawless attorney general, our country has been on a runaway train in the wrong direction. Unpopular legislation, laws, ideas and comments are constantly coming out of the mouths of Obama and the Democrats with a tremendous amount of CYA help from their liberal drive-by media friends.

Gone are the days of how the president (Bush) was responsible for the high oil prices. Now it’s just something that happens in the markets and we’re more prepared to pay higher prices than in the past. High oil prices? No big deal. Gone are also the days of body counts from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Now we have the SAME two wars and no closing of Gitmo but it’s not at all on the radar of NBC, CBS and their friends because it doesn’t serve their political purposes. All the things that Obama had said he was going to do have not happened. All of the things he didn’t say he was going to do (but eagerly planned to do) HAVE happened. And we’re all the worse for it.

Americans have been forced to accept Obamacare, EPA rules over our energy policy, drilling moratoriums, suing Arizona over immigration policy, capitulating to enemies & being unsupportive of allies, CPL light bulb legislation, unstimulating stimulus slush funds, unstoppable printing of money, the takeover of GM, ridiculous new financial legislation, the continuation of corrupt govt. enterprises like Fannie & Freddie, a lack of any kind of foreign policy other than "don’t do anything," a severe lack of transparency, blatant lying to the American people about legislation and policy, extortion of the private sector during the BP oil spill and Toyota problems, trying to shut down our coal mines, paying off union buddies with green energy projects, crony capitalism with friends like GE & supporting the mosque at Ground Zero (which, by the way, is in court again ). The list, as you know, goes on and on…

So, on November 2, 2010, we got rid of as many Democrat congressmen and women as we could and we put more Republicans in control. Why? Not only to stop the Democrats and their un-American policies, but also to implement new, better legislation that represent our own ideology – and the way the country was founded.

So what has happened in the last few months to change wrong course that we are on? Little to nothing as it relates to the big ticket items like spending and Obamacare. Led by John Boehner in the House of Representatives, we have the same old Republican cowards that we always get every election cycle. They lack negotiating skills and passion about the issues; they lack a knowledge of the power position they are in; they are stuck in the fears from the past and are afraid of a government shut down; they are too afraid to tackle entitlements; they are too afraid to defund Obamacare or the EPA; they are too afraid to do their job. And so they vote to allow a continuing resolution on the budget.

Yes, we had 54 Republican patriots in the House who voted no on the continuing resolution. But with the help of the Democrats, the bill passed. The six billion dollars of cuts is about the same amount of money that we borrow every 36 hours, according to Marco Rubio when he was on the Mark Levin show the other day. BFD (my words, not Rubio’s). That’s like me not going to McDonald’s for lunch on Friday. Not really going to make a dent in my overall budget.

This is NOT why we elected these cowardly Republicans – to sit on the sidelines and pass legislation with the help of the Democrats. We didn’t vote for them to be their same old gutless selves. Will the cowardly Republicans in the Senate follow the same course and vote for the continuing resolution? I’m sure that most of them will. There are a few, like Rubio, who "get it" and will vote the right way. For the rest of you…we are ashamed, disappointed and disgusted with what you are doing – and not doing – for the American people. Don’t think for a minute that you are safe come next election time. You are totally clueless about the important problems of the country or how to solve them.

On another cowardly front and just as important, we have a list of presidential candidates (or lack of) because they are too cowardly to announce their intentions. Herman Cain is the only one with the guts and commitment to come out and say he wants the job. The rest of the cowards are waiting for Palin’s decision first. They want to know if she’s running. And if she’s not running, they want to know who she is going to support. COWARDS. The Republican nominee is going to have to challenge Obama and deal with all kinds of problems in the White House if they become president. Do we really want someone who’s afraid of Sarah Palin?