What is Obama's End Game??

I would like to preface this diary by saying that I am NOT usually into conspiracy theories. However, my husband and I have been been discussing Obama’s trajectory since he became president. Our question has always been, “who is running him?” Usually, the top two candidates were: China or somebody from the Middle East. But was it a whole country or one person? Was it George Soros? What drives him – ideology, money or the redistribution of wealth to others? Knowing who all of his donors were during the election would be a good starting point for us to figure this question out but we all know we’ll never see that information.

The more pertinent lately is WHAT IS HIS END GAME?

Seems like every day, more of our wealth and freedoms are destroyed. Laws and courts are ignored by this administration. More and more, Obama and the Democrats side with our enemies and not our allies. I could link to specific words and legislation to prove my point but everyone on this site knows what I am talking about. We all have an uneasy feeling in the pit of our stomachs that Obama’s allegiances aren’t to America – or at least not to America as a whole. Sure there are certain groups in America that he panders to but even that could be disingenuous as a way to amass more wealth and power.

So what exactly does Obama hope to accomplish? Here are some ideas that I have come up with based on the last few years of suffering through the unchecked power of Obama and the Democrats…

• Is it a global monetary system?
• Is it the spread of radical Islam?
• Is it spreading wealth to the Dems and Obama’s buddies as reparations and/or payback against corporations and those they perceive to be “racist” (black farmer settlement, $$ to GE, GM bailout, etc.)
• Is it the overall diminishing of our role as a super power?
• Is it the procurement of nuclear arms in the Middle East?
• Does he just want to gain as much personal power as he can for his own future wealth or career (i.e. to be on the Supreme Court)

I sometimes wonder if maybe we need to figure out what his end game really is so that we can successfully fight against him?

What are your thoughts?