Marketing strategy for Herman Cain

I know there are many of you who like and support Herman Cain, or are at the very least, interested in his candidacy. I recently started a fan page called "Michigan Friends of Herman Cain."

Because Mr. Cain is more of an unknown candidate, I think the job of his supporters is to educate others about him. I find that once I am able to do that (even with Democrats), I can gain supporters for him.

I went on the Facebook site to see what the other supporters of the primary candidates are doing. There are no "Illinois Friends of Sarah Palin" or "Texas Friends of Mitt Romney."

So I may be giving away a good idea and others may start doing this too. But that’s the risk I take to let you know about this. I hope others in different states will take this idea and run with it. Post quotes, videos and appearances of Herman. Let others know about him. Let’s try to set up fan pages in all 50 states (or is it 57? Ha ha).

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