Michigan GOP Sent Their Printing Account to Utah

Now that Michigan has a choice for the GOP chairman position, I would like to ask everyone who might be voting at the Michigan GOP convention on Friday, to support Troy Rolling. He’s not part of the existing Michigan GOP party and that, my friends, is his BEST ASSET. Let me tell you a few things about the current powers-that-be in the Michigan GOP.

First of all, they ran a TERRIBLE state convention back in August of 2010. There were long lines and Delegates had trouble getting credentials to get in, food and water ran out before the convention was over, and several problems occurred during the day. The general perception among the crowd was that they didn’t care too much about the voices of the new “tea party” Republican precinct delegates.

Secondly, and probably news to all of you Michigan Republicans is the fact that YOUR party is sending their printing to Utah instead of having a Michigan company print their materials. That’s right. While Michigan suffers and its citizens need jobs, the Michigan Republican party has decided to support Utah workers instead. I haven’t been able to confirm the amount of money going out, but is it hundreds of thousands? Millions? It’s a slap in the face to our state. As the current finance chair, 2011 GOP chair nominee Robert Schostak, is part of the group that sanctioned this decision. And it wasn’t hard to verify at all. Here it is for all the world to see – as well as the other states listed who are farming out their printing:

I know there are companies in Michigan who can handle the work. So maybe the bid in Utah was better than any of the Michigan companies who submitted a bid. So what? This decision was totally disgraceful – a black eye to the party.

The current Michigan Republican Party doesn’t seem to have a clue about how to harness the energy and direction of the Conservative influx and doesn’t seem to have a clue about supporting their own state with their spending.

Which leads us to Troy Rolling. A choice – someone who’s not already in the party and hand-picked by current party members. We are NOT without a vote. Check him out and decide for yourself.

And if Robert Schostak becomes the new chair, he has to be accountable to our state. He has to make sure that companies in Michigan are the ones getting work from the Michigan GOP and not another state.

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