A Preponderance Amount of Evidence Shows Karl Rove to be an Ignoramus

Dear Mr. Rove,

Are you ready to start appearing exclusively on MSNBC, CNN & the other liberal programs? If you are, then by all means, keep opening your mouth and disparaging the tea party movement. It was bad enough that you went after Christine O’Donnell instead of supporting the Republican candidate that the voters chose. Plenty of times, Conservatives have had to live with moderate choices – but we are adults, and unlike you, we accept and support the nominee that is chosen.

Your latest comment was really the last straw: “If you look underneath the surface of the tea party movement, on the other hand, you will find that it is not sophisticated.”

What do YOU know about what’s underneath the suface of the tea party movement? You are not “one of us”. You are an outsider, looking in. You are just like the Rinos and the Democrats. You are threatened by the American people who are trying to take the country back. It’s sad really. You only know how to operate in a world that’s either controlled by elite ruling class Democrats or elite ruling class Republicans. Those days are over. The Tea Party is not a fad. We are not going anywhere. Get used to it.

We are not just sign wavers who show up to rallies. We are sophisticated, networked & organized Conservatives who aren’t afraid to put in huge amounts of volunteer hours to make sure our country isn’t totally destroyed by the liberals and Rinos currently in power.

We have become precinct delegates in massive numbers and are involved in our local and state politics. We read the bylaws to familiarize ourselves with the rules of the party so that we are ready when the establishment Republicans try to railroad us into something or cheat their way through a procedure (which they attempt at every turn).

We are replacing our local county parties with Conservatives instead of leaving in the same Republicans that have been in charge of our counties for years. We want a more communicative, more principled party and are doing everything in our power to achieve that goal. We are electing better chairmen/women for our local parties who can vote for better chairmen/women for our state parties. Every step is important. Just because we are new to the game doesn’t mean we can’t play it and win.

We go to the state conventions and speak up when “the good old boys” don’t abide by their own rules. We network with like-minded Conservatives when we are there and we share information. We figure out who the snakes are and who actually cares about Republican principles.

Unlike Congress, we actually READ THE BILLS that are written so that we’re educated when we debate liberals. We support national candidates with direct donations because we know we cannot trust the national GOP, our state parties or any other “Republican” groups to do the right thing.

Those of us who are 912 members have meetings and caucuses, we share information on local and state politics, hold candidate forums and meet with our local representatives often. We take minutes at our meetings for sharing and TRANSPARENCY and allow everyone to speak and debate about topics we discuss. We form groups and subcommittees to accomplish tasks. We have vast email lists and different ways of networking between different local, state and national groups.

You have NO idea what’s going on out here in the real world of a tea partier, Karl Rove. Get a clue.

P.S. And since the word “ignoramus” might be a little too sophisticated of a word for you, here are some synonyms to help you out: simpleton, fool, dunce, know-nothing