How to Beat Lisa Murkowski at Her Own Game

When I heard about Lisa Murkowski’s selfish and disloyal run for the State Senate of Alaska as a write-in vote, I immediately thought that she would probably lose about half of her votes because I didn’t think her supporters would be able to spell her name correctly. I looked online and read the pertinent parts of the Alaska state constitution.

I didn’t see it stated anywhere that a voter had to spell the candidate’s name right. I did, however, run across an article by someone who was thinking along the same lines as me. The article was called “What happens if you misspell a write-in vote?” and it said in Alaska, the elections director has said that “Lisa M” would pass muster as a stand-in for Lisa Murkowski. According to other articles that I’ve read, it’s all about the “intent” of the voter.

Then then I started to think creatively because I like to beat the idiots at their own game. I think I’ve come up with the solution (And you are all welcome to prove my information wrong or tell me it’s a foolish idea). What I’m thinking is that we need to find someone who is willing to run as a write-in candidate for the Alaska U.S. Senate whose name is Lisa and whose last name starts with “M.” The closer that person’s last name is to Murkowski, the better. There are three qualifications to run to be a senator:

1. Must be at least 30 years old.

2. Must have been a citizen of the U.S. for at least the past 9 years.

3. Must be (at the time of election) an inhabitant of the state he or she seeks to represent.

If there are two Lisa M’s on the ballot, the voter would HAVE to spell the name right so that the election board knew with 100% certainty who they had voted for. From what I have read in the Alaska Constitution, the person who wants to be a write-in candidate needs to file a declaration five days before the election. I read the rules for a write-in candidate here.

Because Murkowski can’t distribute stickers to use on the ballot, she must educate her voters on how to spell her name and the fact that they have to write out her name on the line AND fill in the little bubble next to it.

It’s time to think outside the box, folks. We have to remember that politics is a “game” and use every option that we  have. Miller’s campaign should be ready to mount a legal challenge to disqualify any ballot that doesn’t have her full name spelled accurately or have the “bubble” filled in next to the name.

Here are some possible Lisa’s to recruit to be a write-in candidate: Lisa Moleski, Lisa Malusky, Lisa Morrissey, Lisa Merkey…

So I ask all of the Lisa M’s out there…will you step up to the plate and help us take back the country? You can bet that if my name was Lisa M. and I was living in Alaska, I would be giving them my declaration to run for senator ASAP on Monday, September 20th!