Something to Look Out For if You're Running to be a Precinct Delegate

So I’m plodding along, minding my own business, noticing that there are a LOT of Republicans running to be precinct delegates in Michigan, especially in my own county, which is Grand Traverse County. I think that is great. Then I get wind of an article in the Leelanau Enterprise (not published online yet) that Mike McManus, the father of Michelle McManus, who is running for secretary of state, was actively recruiting precinct delegate candidates who would vote for his daughter. He actually says in the story, “Yes, I have been going around encouraging people to put their names on the ballot as precinct delegates to support my daughter.”

While this is legal and probably done in some degree every year by politicians, it just smells bad to me. And why would he admit to it in a newspaper? Doesn’t he think that it would shine a bad light on his daughter’s campaign?

So then I started thinking…what if this is happening all over the country? Tea party people like me who jumped into the precinct delegate race think we’re going to be able to vote for Conservative people at our state conventions – but reality sets in and tells us that people in our own party are working against us to benefit themselves.

So what is a precinct delegate to do? The answer I’ve come up with is for everyone who is running is to make a list of all the precinct delegates who win in your counties. Then cross-check the names with tea party friends, 9-12 groups, etc. and figure out who is “safe” to send to the state conventions – i.e. true conservatives and not on board to get certain politicians elected. And for the rest of you…FIND OUT WHO YOUR PRECINCT DELEGATES ARE and what they stand for before you vote in your primary!!