New Hampshire Senate Race-Ovide Lamontagne is The Conservative to Support

My last post introduced you to Ovide’s Oath (http://www.redstate.com/travelkingnh/2010/07/17/new-hampshire-senate-race-lets-take-a-look-at-ovides-oath/) a 15 point outline by candidate Ovide Lamontgane, my conservative choice for filling the soon to be vacant US Senate in the true RED State of New Hampshire.  After attending a rally for Ovide this past Saturday, put on by retired US Senator Gordon Humphrey (http://granitegrok.com/blog/2010/07/yesterdays_liberty_rally_at_senator_gord.html)
this is a perfect time to start articulating why Ovide Lamontagne is the right candidate for NH conservatives to get behind in 2010.  Of course I can’t say it as well as Senator Humphrey (see video link above) or with as much moral conviction and conservative credentials as he has, but I will lay down a few of my own words.  With due respect to several posts by a young fellow RedStater that has been pushing Kelly Ayotte for months as the “only conservative” that can take on and defeat the liberal Paul Hodes, she is simply wrong.  I admire and applaud her conviction.  However, she just hasn’t been around New Hampshire long enough (assuming she hails from here at all) to personally know some of the candidates.  She has inspired this old New Hampshire resident to take a stand and write my own posts ……….and I thank her for that.  With my 30 years of participating in and following business and politics in New Hampshire, I’ll try to give you how I see it and not bore you with a long post like the last one.

1) Any theory that we all have to somehow rally around Kelly Ayotte to guarantee that left center Republican Bill (“I’m Bill Binnie”) Binnie doesn’t get the nomination is pure folly.  Binnie is projected to spend up to $10M in this primary (he has already loaned himself $3.5M).  Nobody has ever managed to “buy” a New Hampshire election…….so far.  We New Hampshire voters pride ourselves in fully vetting our candidates.  No disrespect to Binnie, but his only claim to fame is that he created jobs as a businessman…….that is his message and he is sticking to it. Big deal.  He has no standing in the NH business community…….None, Nada, Zero.   Do you really think that those are the only qualifications we are looking for in a Candidate?  If somehow he managed to get elected so he can put another “trophy” next to his race car trophies, it won’t kill us…….but we will have missed the opportunity to put a real conservative like Ovide in the Senate.  If he wins the nomination, he beats Paul Hodes.

2) Any claim that Kelly Ayotte is a proven true blue conservative means that you have simply been drinking the Kool Aid.  No disrespect to Ayotte, but all she has ever proven is that she did her job as our top law enforcement official to prosecute bad people (which is exactly what she was paid to do) and defend our laws in court, which again she was paid to do.  Those actions alone don’t earn you credentials as a conservative…………everything else she has presented is what she has told us as a first time candidate that she is.  I hope for our sake, that if she is elected, she will be who she says she already is……….but there is where the rubber meets the road…….is she a real conservative?  I already laid out in my first post ( http://www.redstate.com/travelkingnh/2010/07/14/nh-senate-race-10-reasons-why-kelly-ayotte-is-not-a-conservative/  ) why she wasn’t conservative enough for me, based upon the factual information I have to go by.  If she wins the nomination, she beats Paul Hodes.

3) I’ll put more meat on the bone in my next post on Ovide Lamonatgne to demonstrate, point by point, why he is a proven true blue conservative. He was our conservative GOP nominee to be our Governor in 1996 when he defeated a more moderate party favorite in three term sitting Congressman Bill Zeliff.  Ovide was then Chairman of the NH State Board of Education and we were the only state that declined to partcipate in the Federal Goals 2000 program under his leadership……the first of many Federal educational power grabs.  The party bailed on him in the general election and didn’t get their resources behind him against a moderate democratic insurgant by the name of Jeanne Shaheen.  Yes, the same Jeanne Shaheen that went on to be elected two more times as governor and now as is our other US Senator (yes, you will have to forgive our transgressions).  Who knew back then that she would be the formidable candidate that she is.  I think everyone was caught a little flat footed, and having Bob Dole at the head of the party ticket didn’t help at all.  I seam to remember some guy named Clinton getting re-elected that year.  If the party had done its job, Ovide would have been our Governor.  He has spent the past 14 years burnishing his conservative credentials in the state. He is ready serve as a conservative now…….no training required. If he wins the nomination, he beats Paul Hodes.

If you are into polling (I am not) check the latest Rasmussen polls and you will see that all the top 4 candidates are projected to beat Paul Hodes. ( http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/elections/election_2010/election_2010_senate_elections/new_hampshire/election_2010_new_hampshire_senate )