New Hampshire Senate Race-Let's Take A Look at "Ovide's Oath"

My previous post, http://www.redstate.com/travelkingnh/2010/07/14/nh-senate-race…a-conservative nh-senate-race-10-reasons-why-kelly-ayotte-is-not-a-conservative / , focused on why my choice for a conservative GOP senate candidate in New Hampshire was not Kelly Ayotte.  No further disrespect to former Attorney General Ayotte, she is simply not my first choice…… because that tag belongs to Ovide Lamontagne.  Since we are now less than 60 days away from our primary, I would like to focus my next few posts on why Ovide is my first choice in the NH GOP race to represent me in Washington.  I will begin the discussion by posting “Ovide’s Oath”……… a unique 15 point outline of what Ovide has pledged to do if elected.  He issued this “oath” when he put down his filing fee and signed his filing papers with the NH Secretary of State. I buy into his “in your face” approach of what he is willing to do as our next Senator.  As RedStaters, what is your reaction to Ovide’s Oath? Would you support this agenda? He is currently in the process of posting youtube videos on each of the 15 points each week on his website if you want to see more:



It is prominently displayed at www.ovide2010.com:



“1. I pledge that I will use every means possible to repeal the trillion dollar Obamacare takeover of our country’s health care system that will increase healthcare costs, harm small business and decrease the quality and availability of care;

2. I pledge that I will refuse any earmark requests, and lead the effort to enact a permanent ban on these corrupting influences, while fighting daily to cut federal spending and government waste at all levels. I further pledge that if elected, my office expenses and schedule will be transparent and posted for all to see, so the people of New Hampshire can trust that their Senator represents their interests alone;

3. I pledge that I will introduce legislation that will repeal the failed $787 billion stimulus, and use the unspent portions of it to reduce our bloated national debt and reduce taxes for hard working Americans;

4. I pledge that I will introduce legislation establishing a constitutional Line-Item Veto for the President. The Governors of 43 states have this essential tool to veto individual examples of wasteful pork-barrel spending. It is time the President is given the same tool, to help eliminate budget busting spending programs;

5. I pledge that I will work to amend the Constitution to establish term limits for all Members of Congress, to end the cycle of entitlement and inside dealing with the special interests. Our Forefathers envisioned a citizen Legislature, not a permanent political caste of powerful insiders insulated from regular Americans. In addition, I pledge to limit myself to only two terms in office, if elected;

6. I pledge that I will work to amend the Constitution to establish a Balanced Budget Amendment, a tool nearly every state has, to compel legislators and the government to balance its checkbook and end the all too familiar DC culture of debt, deficit spending and bailouts;

7. I pledge that I will work to fundamentally reform the IRS and scrap the incredibly complicated and loophole filled federal tax code, replacing it with a fairer, flatter, simpler tax code that frees families and small businesses held hostage annually by high tax rates and complicated rules and regulations;

8. I pledge that I will support the appointment of only those judges who have proven that they will adhere to the Constitution and rule of law, shown due regard and respect for private property rights, and who have shown that they will not legislate from the bench. With that in mind, I have publicly opposed the nominations of Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan to the Supreme Court without hesitation, because they are activists who do not pass this fundamental test;

9. I pledge that as Senator, one of my top daily priorities will be the security of our country and her people. In particular, I pledge: (a) to continue support for our operations against terrorists abroad, and provide support for our troops in the field with the resources they need to defend freedom, while ensuring that they receive the finest care and treatment possible upon their return home; (b) to work to ensure that we treat foreign terrorists as enemy combatants subject to military tribunal at Guantanamo Bay, not as criminal defendants; and (c) to stand firm against allowing a nuclear Iran to emerge, while supporting our proven allies throughout the world, including our staunch friend Israel;

10. I pledge that I will read and understand the legislation that I am asked to vote upon, to respect and advocate for the principles of federalism articulated in the 10th Amendment of the Constitution, and look first to the Constitution for guidance on whether any proposed federal legislation is constitutionally permissible;

11. I pledge that I will not move to Washington to become part of the establishment culture there. If elected, I will live in my home in Manchester – the same home that I grew up in – and commute to my job each week on behalf of the people of New Hampshire. I further pledge that I will hold regular town hall meetings with my constituents, understanding that elected officials must be held accountable to the voters and prepared to explain their actions to them;

12. I pledge that in all aspects of my job as U.S. Senator, I will work to uphold and support the dignity of human life, from conception to natural death;

13. I pledge that I will work tirelessly to end illegal immigration. While I support the recently enacted Arizona immigration law, the federal government must finally live up to its obligation to address this serious issue. As Senator, I will work to see that our borders are secured once and for all, that we turn off illegal immigration magnets by aggressively enforcing laws against employers who hire illegal aliens, and that we ensure there is no amnesty for illegal aliens;

14. I pledge to be a strong and unrelenting advocate for the individual right to keep and bear arms, as embodied in the 2nd Amendment, and to ensure that this fundamental right is not infringed upon;

15. I pledge to oppose any iteration of the ‘Employee Free Choice Act’ and its card check provisions, which would deny workers the right to a secret ballot when considering unionization. I believe inthe private ballot, and I further believe in right to work laws that give workers the right to decide for themselves whether to join a union or not.”




“Ovide’s Oath: a 15 point pledge to New Hampshire voters that will deliver conservative change to Washington. In an age when so many politicians prefer to be vague and leave themselves lots of wiggle room, it’s a surprisingly comprehensive list of promises to the voters. – Drew Cline, Union Leader Blog”

“Ovide has made his stances clear in plain language – I would find it foolhardy for anyone to mis-categorize these stances or try to twist them other than what they here.- Skip, GraniteGrok Blog”

“Now here’s a candidate that is not mincing words nor making fluffy promises. Here’s a candidate that can shake away your apathy.-Anita Lorah Hinkle, Merrimack Journal”

Lamontagne said, “As I have traveled across New Hampshire during these past several months, it has been made clear to me time and time again that our fellow Granite Staters are tired of the status quo in Washington. Like me, they are hungry for real change, real reform, and real results – right now. So today, I am proud to formally enter the race for U.S. Senate, and I am pleased to share with the voters of New Hampshire ‘Ovide’s Oath’ – my pledge to reform Washington, eliminate the culture of spending, corruption and entitlement there and end the reign of the special interests once and for all.”-NHPolitics.com

Lamontagne concluded by saying, “I make my oath today to the voters of New Hampshire solemnly and with great appreciation for the high stakes we face in changing Washington once and for all. I will campaign, and if elected I will serve, with the decorum and dignity that are worthy of, and rightfully expected by, the citizens of New Hampshire. As the only authentic constitutional conservative in this race, we will wage an aggressive grassroots primary campaign over the next three months, and earn the right to challenge and defeat Paul Hodes and his liberal agenda in November. Together, standing on conservative principle we will deliver a message that the elites in Washington cannot ignore.”- NHPolitics.com