After reading this site for the better part of the last year……..and the posts relating to the New Hampshire GOP US Senate race, I decided that it is time for me to say my piece.  I admit to being a “classic” New Hampshire conservative in the Ronald Regan or compassionate conservative tradition.  I dislike labels, but I think it helps frame me for the discussion.  I am not a New Hampshire native, but I married one and have lived here for the past 33 years……..and  by now I feel I have earned my conservative stripes.  Owning a business has also hastened that conservative development process……well enough I think to know a true conservative when I see one.  Former Attorney General Kelly Ayotte is no true conservative.  She has labeled herself as a conservative to run for the US Senate seat, but that is completely self described and not supported by her record as AG.  Her labeling offends my sensibilities.

Her experience as our AG is the sole basis for the legitimacy of her candidacy…..so it is fair game for me to use it, and it alone, as the basis for my contention that Kelly Ayotte is not a true conservative.  If you don’t fancy yourself a conservative or feel that conservative principles are what is needed to turn our country around, then vote for her anyway as it doesn’t matter.  However, if you believe like I do, that now is the time to send true, authentic conservatives to Washington to fix this Obama driven mess, then I offer the following examples:

1) She was responsible for supporting Gov. Lynch’s attempt to raid the $110M JUA fund in 2009.  This attempted private property taking by our government was stopped by a lower court and confirmed by the NH Supreme court.

2) She repeatedly urged Gov. Lynch to veto the expansion of the Castle Doctrine in 2006 (SB318) and 2009 (HB160).

3) She supported the nomination of Judge Sonia Sotomayor,  but now opposes Elena Kagan’s nomination.

4) She previously supported Federal earmarks before changing her position, as candidate Ayotte, to oppose them.

5) She spearheaded the state’s efforts to apply for Federal stimulus funds and was responsible for their administration, but now candidate Ayotte opposes the stimulus spending.

6) In 2005 she forbade state police from enforcing trespassing  laws against illegal aliens and using them to take the aliens off the street, but now supports Arizona’s right to defend itself.

7) In 2006 she testified in favor of HB1713 requiring a photo ID to buy cold medicine.

8) In 2007 she testified against HB906, informing juries of their right to nullify.

9) In 2009 she opposed part1, article 8 right to hold public officers accountable in HB312.

10) In 2008 she testified in support of broad application of state DNA testing  in HB1640.

In addition to the above, there are many other controversial issues involving AG Ayotte that many people feel have never been fully vetted,  the ongoing FMR ponzi scheme case and the 2007 Liko Kenney -Bruce McKay shootings in Franconia to name just  a few.  Just spend a little time with your search engine and you’ll find them.  I take most of them to be related to her performance as our AG, as opposed to defining her true ideological principles, so they won’t make this particular list.  I think when you have spent nearly your entire professional career working for the government, prosecuting people and businesses in the AG’s office, it’s hard to turn the switch and represent, work for, and defend the rights of everyday people.

Like other examples of truth in advertising, I have no problem with Kelly Ayotte saying she is a moderate and holding true to her past positions and her record as our AG.  But a true conservative she is not, because a true conservative’s record as AG she doesn’t have.  I don’t think of her as a bad person and have no personal history that would predispose me to dislike her.  Maybe if I spent more time looking at her performance I could get there, but already knowing I wouldn’t support her it doesn’t matter.  If a presumed pro-life, tough on crime moderate Republican is your cup of tea, well you are all set…….hitch a ride on Kelly’s wagon and take the ride…….. in sort of the pro-life version of Rudi Giuliani.  However, if you are like me and want the real deal, true blue conservative Republican who doesn’t have to change his positions to run to the right …….vote for Ovide Lamontagne in the truest tradition of Ronald Regan.  I think the choices would be pretty clear if both the labels were on correctly.