Study Your Opinion Before Answering

Dr Carson is not a mere etching on some granite marker is some park. He is quite the opposite. He is the only candidate for president willing to face this nation. What this nation has become would be noted as in a most perilous condition where its people desire everything from a government whether it can or cannot provide. The crowd rushes towards the biggest noise maker or the sneakiest villain in its attempt of gaining some kind of perverted electoral satisfaction.

The news is complicit with this type of frenzy. They specialize in political train wrecks over substance. Then comes Dr. Carson. A person who is not just a “face” wanting some granite stone reflecting a likeness, but more importantly he is a human who faces this nation in conversation where the news plugs its ears and silences any comments about him other than, “what did he say”? Ridicule is not sufficient in silencing the obvious truth. Dr Carson faces this nation as someone who knows when a patient is in grave condition.

In spite of political bravado, the nation is running headlong into the breach of disaster without any heed given towards its obvious warnings. Only a brain surgeon stands in the way of social insanity and an addiction for the “popularity of the absurd”. Anyone who thinks a political sales pitch makes your life easier or better has bought the farm in the swamp.

Before giving your opinion to any polling question, study your own opinion first. I know that is not a popular idea, since is sounds like a school assignment, but it is more important than studying on the web for the latest electronic device. Treat this year’s election as a life and death action for this nation. As a priority it also will have a great effect on your quality of life. Already affordable health care is becoming less affordable each year going forward. Your health care is measured more by age than condition. Tying it to our taxation system suggest that a non-taxpayer has a small diagnosis and treatment window. A taxpayer has full access. As I sit today I have a sister in-law who is having a major health event. In fact life threatening.

My Sister-in-law is over 65. She went to the hospital with first responders with a serious condition that needed attention immediately. The critical condition became not so critical by afternoon, that once her data was processed, the insurance would only pay a hospital stay after the doctors running tests reported results. However, they couldn’t say until next week what the issue is even with an apple sized tumor on her neck. They also concluded her emergency surgery could wait until next week until somebody wrote a report. The insurance would not cover anything until the report. The hospital sent her home alone with morphine until said “emergency condition report” was rendered, and then she could come back with a scheduled appointment next week. This is no way to treat a dying patient living alone. Her husband died of cancer last year, however, it’s under affordable Government conditions.

She was home temporarily with other relatives 20 miles from the hospital and was picked up this a.m. by ambulance as her vitals were crashing. We are waiting to hear what other processing procedure the insurance and hospital have up its sleeve today as she is dying. A big thankyou to Obama. People now “have the right to die at home” while in severe pain and on morphine with an undiagnosed super growth on the neck. It will be taken care of in March 2016 with the prescribed appointment date if she is still interested or alive.

That’s what I mean by thinking out your vote and your future. Do you support a madmen from the bully pulpit, or a sneaky politician coming for your back?  A scripted talking head repeating statement is a shallow consequence for our country. An ex-president’s wife who was culpable in more dishonesty never resolved and a Governor who sounds like he would like to help you on your way.

I came back to Dr. Carson after the study on my own opinion, by now you have already guessed that I am solid for and who will be best for this nation, but I am not for one who best represents my own selfish desires. Like all broken bones, resetting the bone may hurt a little, but a nation will regain its stride by not sitting in a wheelchair for the rest of its life. Dr. Carson is my doctor for our nation’s condition and it shows.