America Loves A Train Wreck


Two of America’s favorite disasters have met and one endorsed the other. The Sara Palin, Trans-Siberian Express struck the Donald Express. America loved it, because they are sick with a condition of debased sensibilities. America loves a disaster and can’t get over the “Donald”. He is only two more debates away from getting The “Duck” status added. Sarah your ship has sailed and an endorsement from you is like a knock on the door followed by “Company is here”.

How crazy is America? People actually admire Hillary after what she has done. What has she done? A good question she refuses to answer on a good day. Bernie has a love affair with the youth of America, where if asked about Bernie the youth cadre answers with, “I dun-know but Bernie is cool and this is my first election”. This sums it up for the Democrats.

Now onto the Republicans, how many? “I dun-know how many are running, but I could name a few before somebody even drops out, please drop out, someone”, asks the Republican on the street? If another debate happens with more than five at the podium, America will lose interests and then look forward for the national Train Wrecks for its president out of laziness. I am worried about the wreckage more than watching the collision. Que Sarah Palin again and give her a cogent question, you won’t be impressed!

Debates are for really, really … studying the candidate. When nine bodies are on the stage for two hours you factor in 6 commercials per hour, nine 60 seconds over-the-limit buzzers, and a limit of three  questions per candidate during two allotted hours. The media has the audacity to call it a debate! Of course you allow lengthy rebuttals from all “other” Train Wrecks on the stage. After all its ratings week and advertising cash on the line.

Rule Changes Please:

First of all, the debate number should have been limited with the top four polling candidates since last December 2015 debates, and continue with them until somebody “Train wrecks”, Then give them the boot. Narrow it down to three by the end of February and Two by end of June, then have a pre convention debate in early August before the conventional wisdom is tossed aside regarding the final two.

However, in the meantime, each candidate gets six questions a piece when four are debating, no rebuttals unless a competing candidate requests a rebuttal for answering/countering the same question through a request of rebuttal. Any rebuttals count as one of six questions asked or allotted a candidate.  The strategic value of the rebutting candidate must extend that candidate’s risk by winning over the original questioned from the opposing candidate’s answer.

Therefore, the rebutting candidate would have one less question offered, since any rebuttal counts as answering one question as provided for the candidate at the start. The Candidates have six opportunities to speak either by answering questions (up-to-six), opting for a rebuttals (as many rebuttals as questions remaining for the candidate), or summarizing the candidate’s leadership for this country in lieu of having a last question (or replacing the last question with a summary talk). The candidate is informed of the last question, so they can forego the question, and defer for having summary speaking time allotted, thus foregoing the last question. Once declaring for summary, instead of the last question the debater awaits his summary time when all questions are completed as allowed.

The candidate then awaits the time when all other candidates who have declared for a summary time, will be given time for speaking in the order of who declared first to last.

Same rules when three are debating. Normal debate rules apply on the final two candidate debate.

As you can see there is a great strategy involved in the debate whether to burn having a question asked of them when going after a candidate using a rebuttal. This shows the nation how capable a candidate is managing its opportunity during the debate of ideas. So far the debates have been a highly commercialized disappointment for this nation coming from the networks, and is a disservice to this nation.

The whole object of this exercise is finding a candidate quickly before too much harm is done on the nation’s psychic over debating about train wrecks.