One Vote One Nation

The following statement summarizes what this voter sees as an important realization, where Dr. Carson is most effective solution for our problems. This nation is at war for its survival as a duly constituted free Republic:

“We the people, are overwhelmed by multiple efforts disengaging our rights and our freedoms. The Immigration topic is of strategic importance, since it dismantles our nation’s common sense with a flood of people coming who have no skin in this nation’s purpose.

World groups abroad would like to unravel our freedoms under the guise of religious belief, superseding our own freedoms and constitution.

A progressive mind set installs new extensions away from our freedoms won by blood and sacrifice, which only benefit those in power. Those who wantonly use persuasion of collective values, instead of the persuasion of self-reliance gained from personal freedom. Progressive governance takes this nation away from the individual society who had founded its purpose.

Dr Carson has the vision for our nation’s survival, he has a mission driving him forward to save this nation. It goes beyond pompous rhetoric, bloviating clever lines, and it most certainly flies in the face of progressive mantra separating its people from its freedoms.

Voters need to know the stakes and the outcome if they fail electing a person who can restore and lead us forward using our God given abilities.”