Knowing Your Audience Wins The Election

Hearing Dr. Carson speeches inspires a writer to do his or her best in connecting to an audience, by striving to be a smarter than Dr Carson. At some point a space is created from the top of the readers skull from understanding what the writer just proposed, or conveyed , with an actual acknowledgement of his or hers writing level. Disbelief is expressed by signal from a hand passing over the top of the readers head at great speed. “It just flew past me or I don’t get it”, gesture is expressed. The writer tried to sound smarter than a Dr. Carson again from their condescending hubris.

Time to take it down a notch and make everyone think,  its my opportunity of sharing an idea making it understandable and readable. Mostly we do it with metaphors, simile or examples. Then all must dig deeper with stories from our own lives hoping somebody finally gets it. The higher a writer strives going off with intellect, the further out of orbit goes the reader, who soon puts down message with a yawn.

The purpose of this discourse is a lesson on how to read Dr. Carson as he says it. Many a pundits have taken great pains on talking smack, since he used words like “Nazi, slavery, and worst-thing-ever”! “He’s got to be out touch it’s just that simple people!” Imaginary Quote: “I read the index page of “One Nation” at the bookstore and he writes it oh so simply, I can even read it. He must be a stupid numb skull, I can read it!”

After giving  another lambasting over what Dr. Didn’t really say, an ever so pleasing head nodding from the disgruntled masses turns into a pay-day for the press. So how do you read Dr. Carson and come out of it smarter?

This is what this is about. A How To Manual on Dr. Carson Writing’s and Speeches for Dummies. I am not saying anyone is a dummy, but I am saying the pundits think everybody is stupid, when they, themselves write misguided statements far from the truth knowing you will believe it. Its spews forth, “How can he say it’s the worst thing since slavery! How can he compare the Minute Men in History to ISIS?” More importantly how stupid do the pundits think we are? Evidently pretty dumb, if they write that stuff for intellectual consumption.

Dr. Carson wants everyone to know the truth about America. He doesn’t write from a condescending perch of intellectual Hubris! He speaks and writes for everybody. Now the Pundits claim he is simple in his writing, knowing full well if it were a textbook example, only five percent of the the student body at John Hopkins would read it. The punditry make a chiding point every time Dr Carson steps up and stirs the American soul. Its time for everyone to understand the simplicity of Brilliance,  its calling for us to stand-up, and claim our nation’s promise of freedom.