Obama = Carter

With his 6-months-major-crisis expectation theory Biden gave us all the golden opportunity to compare McCain to Kennedy, who stood up to Khrushev in time of Cuban crisis and Obama – to Carter, who punished Brezhnev’s invasion to Afghanistan by skipping Moscow Olympic games.

Spineless Carter, flirting with Brezhnev, did not stand against Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1978. Reagan’s/Thatcher’s West and the Muslim nations had no choice but to support the mujahideen fighters against the Soviets. Thus bin Laden, Taliban and the whole movement of psychotic muslim extremism were born.

Now they are ready to put into the White House Barak Obama – Carter’s clone, who will follow the same strategy. He wants “to talk” to and to be “liked” by the likes of the old Soviet tyrants. The difference is that he will be dealing not with the Soviets, almost bankrupt by the end of the 70th, but with Putin, Ahmadinejad, and Chaves gorged with petrodollars, while America is drowning in debt.

If McCain – is the third Bush’s term, Obama – is the second Carter’s one worsen exponentially by financial discrepancies. It IS the economy, STUPID: if you remember gas lines of 1979, watch for the bread ones when the oil holders will smear Obama over their sandwiches for breakfast.

Joe Biden just confirmed it: Obama will not be able to decline an invitation to the games that the world will play against him in the next 6 months. It’s not the Olympic Games, Senator. YOU WILL BE PLAYING WITH OUR LIVES. Your running mate just said that.

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