"Choices" - Part III: PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS (A three part series)

“I am “Pro Choice” – and I Choose Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS”!


There are thousands of choices that we make throughout each day, and who knows how many throughout our lives. The choices we make can make us happy, or sad. They can make us angry, or may lead us to love, among other many other outcomes.

Why do we make each choice? For most people, I believe their choices are intended to bring them some form of happiness. As human beings, we often choose things that were intended to bring us happiness, but had a different, or even opposite result. Our choices can affect those around us as well, in either positive or negative ways. If our choice affects someone we care about in a negative way, even though our intent was to bring ourselves happiness, the negative affect on the other person or persons, causes us to be unhappy.

We, as human beings, have essentially two sides that influence our choices, reason and instincts. When we use reason, we are much more likely to achieve happiness for ourselves without any negative side affects. When we allow ourselves to let our instincts guide our choices, we may receive initially more gratification, but are more likely to have a negative outcome in the end for us, and/or, those around us.

Regardless of what theory you subscribe to as to how man was created, I believe most would agree that the assertions that I have made so far, are true. In a general sense, it is accepted that most conservatives choose to employ reason to guide themselves through life. Conversely, most progressives prefer to be guided primarily by their instincts. These opposing ideas, generally reject the logic of the other.

I had a tendency to follow my instincts through much of my life, and had a lot of happiness initially, with each choice. Only to realize shortly after each instinctual choice, that I had made someone else unhappy. For the majority of us with a conscience, this pattern of behavior leads to sadness and regret. I have had a series of choices and events in my life that have guided me to change my primary motivation for my choices, to reason. This is not to say that I always make reasonable choices, but that I always attempt, reasonable choices. We are all human, after all. As a result, I may not have the peak of happiness that I achieved through my instinctual choices, but I am more consistently happy since I avoid the negative results of instinctual choices.

Our founders understood these truths of the nature of man, to be self-evident. They designed a system of government to protect us from the instinctual path of choices, and their negative results, through the checks and balances, as well as the separation of powers. This was explained by James Madison, in Federalist 51, “But what is government itself but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary. If angels were to govern men, neither external nor internal controls on government would be necessary.” In other words, if man always used reason, which avoids negative results, we would not need government, nor would we need external or internal controls on government. As this is not the case, we must strive to restore those controls that have eroded through time, due to the instinctual choices of the progressives.

Reason dictates that we, as Americans, restore the basic ideals of capitalism and the free markets that have made us the most prosperous nation on earth by pursuing our individual interests. Liberty, is logical and reasonable!

If we are to ever evolve as humans, to much more than our nature has proven to be, throughout time to date, then we must expand our minds to use the other ninety percent of our brains that typically never gets used throughout our lives. Perhaps then, we will all be a lot more reasonable, and thereby achieve our pursuit of happiness. It seems likely, with the nature of our current world, that the path to that end, is very long indeed! I have begun that path, in my life, because I am ” pro-choice”, and I choose the pursuit of happiness.