A Conservative Approach To Immigration

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal”. This famous phrase from the Declaration of Independence is used regularly, but too many people today regardless of their political affiliation speak the words without truly believing in its powerful meaning with conviction!

I believe in these words with all my heart! With that in mind, I wish to suggest that people from all nations that are here illegally by whatever means would prefer to be here legally, and stop hiding in the shadows. This is the wish of Conservatives as well! I believe that the majority of illegal immigrants are here because they know what a great, prosperous, free nation it is. They want to advance their human condition for themselves and their families. Many of them though don’t fully understand what has made this nation great, and therefore don’t fully appreciate it.

Regardless of their origins or legal status, immigrants and citizens alike must understand our language, to fully understand our history, our Declaration of Independence, and our Constitution! These are the things that made us what we are as a nation and are sometimes even difficult for many who were born and raised here to understand. It is vital that we understand and learn from the good and the bad in history together, to continue to advance us and provoke us to continued improvement. We must learn the undistorted truth of our history.

As a side note, understanding our language also helps protect each and every person who may need to use our emergency services. It is illogical to expect that every member of the emergency services know the language of each and every immigrant here. It is much more logical that each immigrant understand the language of the great country they came to live in.

We, as conservatives, want those who are here illegally, to understand that we want those who are law abiding, productive members of our society to fully assimilate into America! This does not mean that they must give up their culture or language of origin, but simply embrace the great culture and language of America (“The great melting pot”), as well.

I say this as a man who is married to a wonderful Bosnian / Muslim woman who came here as a legal immigrant, stayed here as a legal immigrant / resident, and became a US citizen last year. We celebrate her culture, language, and religious holidays as well as ours. I respect her culture and traditions and she respects her new / ours. She also speaks our language better than many who were born here and therefore is able to understand our laws, our Constitution, and our history. She is a great Conservative because she continues to make the effort to understand the important criteria to be a productive citizen.

The primary fix to our immigration problem is to COMPLETELY secure our border with a complete fence and the number of border agents necessary to patrol that fence! It is a serious national security issue as well as an issue needed to control our immigration. Once that is really done, we can talk about how to address those that are here illegally.

When we get to that next step of the process, we must understand that that we, as a nation, contributed to so many people being here illegally by ignoring or side stepping the problem for political expedience on both sides of the isle for so many decades. The illegal aliens must also accept that they came here with full knowledge that they were breaking our law simply by crossing the border illegally or overstaying their visas! Simply granting all of them blanket amnesty would be unfair to those who followed the law and entered the country legally, stayed here legally, and went through the process of becoming a citizen.

The process of deciding who stays and who should be returned to their country of origin will be difficult, but not impossible. Not everyone will agree on the criteria to define the difference, but it must be done. It would seem logical that those who have been here only a short period of time and/or have broken other laws in addition to breaking our immigration law should be returned. They can go through the process of applying to return legally, after an agreed upon period of time, depending on whether they had broken any other laws or not. Those businesses that have hired illegals must also be punished for providing an incentive for people to illegally enter our country. Those who have been here a long period of time and have followed our laws and will continue to follow them, should be put at the back of the line for legal status with a temporary ID. They should be greatly restricted in their benefits from our government until such time they can complete the process of reaching and maintaining legal resident status and eventually citizenship. The process must also be streamlined and improved for those here, as well as those who wish to enter our country legally.

The other issue that must be addressed is changing the 14th amendment. The amendment was never intended to give everyone born here automatic citizenship. If you look at the history of the amendment, you will find that it was intended to be an aid to helping to make the children of former slaves, citizens. It should have been written more clearly, but can be changed simply by statute, according to Mark Levin who was the Chief of Staff to Ed Meese (the Attorney General under President Reagan). A new amendment is not necessary. An overwhelming number of other nations do not have this policy, as it does not make sense!

We, as conservatives, hope that our nation will correct its mistakes on immigration and assist those who are here illegally to go through the process of making illegal immigration a thing of the past! We would like to be able to include everyone who resides in the United States of America in “We the People”! Everyone on the planet are part of the human race and thereby imperfect so an expectation of perfection on resolving this, or any other, issue is illogical, but we must start the process and do our best!