Choice, and a chance

In the aftermath of Governor Palin’s selection as his VP running mate, people have been asking me if I am rethinking my opposition to John McCain. The answer I have been giving is, I’m considering it.

Months ago I said that the selection of VP might have an impact on my position but the reality is that John McCain would still be at the top of the ticket.

I am not reconsidering my position because Sarah Palin is the VP nominee, but because John McCain chose Sarah Palin as his VP. For months I have argued that McCain did not need to choose a conservative for VP because he did not need conservatives to win the nomination. Historically, candidates moved from their base in the primaries to the middle for the general election. Given that, McCain would more than likely pick a centrist VP. I was wrong. He picked a conservative and in my opinion, he did not HAVE to.

This indicates McCain may be more willing to consider conservative positions than I gave him credit for. Those that have supported McCain will be quick to tell me that this has been part of McCain all along. Maybe. Hence both my willingness to reconsider, and my hesitancy in deciding.