November 18

Rupert Murdoch repremanded the media, saying they had dug themselves “a deep hole” and had lost credibility. The media responded by ignoring the story and going in search of stories that would bring better ratings.

An extensive new research study has found that unhappy people watch more TV while those consider themselves happy spend more time reading and socializing. Television executives now have ordered the newsrooms to quit the “happy coverage” of Obama and focus on more stories that will make the public unhappy.

Associated Press is reporting that astronauts arriving at the space station have a new toilet and a contraption that purifies urine and sweat into drinkable water. NASA is using the same technology to help voters swallow stories put forward on the Liberal news media about Obama and to make crow more pallatable to presidential candidates who may have “over promised” their constituants during the campaign.

Barack Obama had a meeting yesterday (Monday) with John McCain, to find thingsthey can agree on. They had a good laugh on how they put it over on the American public — especially the conservatives.

Saudi’s Foreign Minister says the hijacking of a Saudi oil supertanker by Somali pirates is “anoutrageous act.” They say it’s their job to do the robbing.

Medical breakthroughs are giving new body parts to people with bad ankles. If the newer implants work out, the number of ankle replacement surgeries could take off. Hillary Clinton reportedly is in line for some of the first procedures.

It’s the earliest evidence of people living together as a family. A burial site in central Germany, from 4,600 years ago, contained the remains of a man, a woman and two youngsters. And DNA analysis shows that they were a mother, father and their children. Scientists have yet to find evidence of a dog or a white picket fence.

The government says it has supplied $33.56 billion to 21 banks in a second round of payments from the $700billion rescue program. Now they’re trying to figure out what to do with all the “free toasters” they received in the bargain.

Although he doesn’t have a seat, Al Franken will have the floor Tuesday when he meets with Democratic leaders in the U.S. Senate.Franken, who was last in Washington in September, will skip a scheduled orientation for new senators also scheduled for this week — instead he will send his new “Minister of Information” Lorne Michaels.