McCain Vs. the Vietnamese

I read a very interesting article in the WSJ today describing the former captors of John McCain and their support for his assent to the presidency. He fought the Vietnamese up front and personal from a cell. He suffered physically and mentally at the hands of the then enemy but was an early supporter of normalization with our former foes. McCain played a crucial role in bringing about the initial rapprochement. If anyone has a right to hate an enemy it is John McCain but that is not his nature.

He has a deep moral center based upon the Constitution and American ideals. He believes in democracy and political freedom for all people which helps explain the compassion from and for the people of Vietnam. He knows these ideals are powerful. His convictions result in action. McCain paved the way for the freedom of the Vietnamese people through diplomacy as well as the freedom for for all Americans through bipartisan reform (e.g., sponsored bill for lobbying transparency with Feingold). The Vietnamese still have a good way to go to shed the shackles of their authoritarian regime and the American people have a long way to go to rid ourselves of a corrupt government ruling class. McCain supported the Vietnamese early through ideas not aggression. He supports the American people by fighting with bipartisan reform. These are signs of wisdom based on a strong moral center. As president, McCain will know what tools to use and when to use them to further the freedoms of all peoples. Comparatively BoIraq lacks the experience to even appreciate the choices.