Rangel, coloful crook or moron

It is reported that Representative Charles B. Rangel blamed “cultural and language barriers” on his forgetting about $75,000 in income on his tax returns. This minor income problem is apparently the result of an interest free mortgage he obtained from a big New York real estate developer and Rangel political donor. Rangle is allegedly to have said of his investment advisers at the resort “every time I thought I was getting somewhere, they’d start speaking Spanish”. Maybe he could have used a translator. For goodness sakes, this guy is Chairman of the House Ways and Means committee. Daily he oversees some of the most complex matters facing our Nation, taxes, Social Security, and trade agreements to name a few. Rangel is saying it was just incompetence that got him into this mess and he should continue to maintain his role as committee chair. If it is incompetence, he should lose his job; If it is stupidity, he should lose his job; if it is dishonesty, he should lose his job. The embodiment of politics as usual matriarch, Nancy Pesoli (or is it Posoli?) is supporting his retention but she wont be able to keep her finger in the dyke (or is it dike?) for long. Rangle is gone. It’s a shame because notwithstanding that he is either an idiot or a brigand he was always colorful and fun to watch.