Sara Palin

I cant believe the hypocrisy of the BoIraq supporters that are claiming Sara Palin has no experience. Talk about the pot (yes, Obama inhaled) calling the kettle black. I heard one mindless Obama supporter criticizing how small the population of Alaska is compared with other states. Well guess where Biden is from, Delaware, full stop. Strong move by McCain. Choosing a driven competitive woman will pick off the enough Hillary supporters to make a difference. On the Republican side, life long GOP supporters would vote for McCain (against BoIraq) no matter who he picked. This evens the score and shows McCain is not just a status quo GOP know nothing. He is what he has always been, a maverick. He still needs help domestically and her experience is limited notwithstanding not much less so than the other guy. The game is his now lets see how he rises to the job.