Democratic Convention and the Entitled

Obama is holding his convention this week in Denver. Never in the history of mankind has so much hot air gone so high as in the mile high city. Omama got here through crafty gamesmanship. The Michigan and Florida delegates were disqualified from participating in the selection of the party candidate. Hilary had more votes. Just as well for Boiraq, (sp) she won these highly populated states but gained no delegates. Sound familiar? It’s the same way he won his first election. He used the corrupt Chicago political machine to disqualify all the other candidates petitions by systematically protesting each and every signature. Under the law each was eliminated. He sure seems to rely on tricks to get where he wants to go. Hillary made a good point tonight at the convention by stressing that she has been working in the trenches for thirty-five years for Boiraq’s (sp) right to squirm his was to the top of his party. Give me a break how can anyone take this inexperienced opportunist seriously compared with Hillary or even the plagiarizer, Joe?

Boiraq is a product of the hard work done by those that came before him so he could lead a privileged life. No doubt he is smart and knows how to work the system. Why else would he have found comfort in such a bitter soul mate as his wife? She was earning $360,000 per year working for a charity after he became senator. She didn’t start out that well paid but it sure seems funny she got a BIG raise after he was in office. He knows the system. He’s entitled. If he is not elected he will blame race as the reason and try to indict the country. Forget that the junior senator has never introduced a bill, chaired a committee, made a payroll or most importantly fought the system because he is a product of and with the system. Never however will it be his fault as there is always someone to blame, that is the way the entitled work.