Ventura County Democrat Party stalking local GOP House candidate? And lying about it? Hmmm...

Saw an interesting tweet from Jeff Gorell for Congress’ campaign manager…


Being bored, I read through the whole thread, which begins with the Ventura County Democrat Party denying they know the guy taking the photographs, and ends with them name calling when the truth comes out the guy is their very own party Executive Director!

Where to begin??

Well, you can follow along down the twitter trail of responses, but since Democrats like to delete messages like this, I figure I’d better screencap a few.




scr2 scr3







And that last tweet is the bottom line for Democrats everywhere: They lie, then shout “SQUIRREL!” and hope everyone will look away.

It wasn’t just once for the stalker Donahoe, it’s been multiple times at different events: Creepy large guy taking pictures of women and kids…


I contacted the Gorell campaign through their manager Adam Lotspike, who send this in response:

Press Release from Gorell campaign

Yeah, pretty sure the Brownley campaign will disavow any and all knowledge of Donahoe’s activities, but at this juncture it’s pretty pointless for the local party to continue to do so.

But they’ll all sit and chuckle about it.

Hey, Donahoe is disposable…

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