The President of “No”

Sound familiar?

It should, it’s been a trick of the Democrats to pin that label on Republicans for years; “The Party of NO.”

I submit to you that despite media reports and observations to the contrary, that label is now firmly stuck not only to the Democrats, but President Nobama Obama as well.

No Plan

Obama has no budget plan, only a campaign agenda. Long on speeches and diatribes, short on specifics, Obama has been vague on what he’ll actually sign at his desk since the beginning. If he ever actually said what he wanted, he shortly thereafter contradicted himself and went the other way; depends on what group he was reading his teleprompter to at the time.

House Speaker Boehner, in fact, described negotiations with the President as “dealing with Jell-O;”

Boehner explained that talks broke down over the weekend because, he said, the president backed off entitlement reforms so much from Friday to Saturday, “It was Jell-o; it was damn near liquid.”

“By Saturday, they’d spent the previous day and a half just going backwards” on reforming entitlement programs such as Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

“The only thing they’ve been firm on is these damn tax increases,” the Speaker said.

No Budget

Democrats, despite having a near Filibuster-proof majority in Congress and control of the White House, refused to pass a budget in the Senate in over 800 days;

“It’s really incredible” said Rep. Todd Young, R-Ind., a member of the House Budget Committee, “Democrats don’t get it. They either have trouble figuring out their priorities or they don’t want to reveal them to the American public.  Instead we just get criticism for our plan, which is the only comprehensive plan out there.”

Young cited the Path to Prosperity, the House Budget Committee’s Fiscal Year 2012 Budget Resolution, which passed in the House of Representatives back in April.

The problem likely lies in the Democrats being afraid to take any position that may cost them independent voters;

“Maybe I haven’t been in Washington long enough,” Young said, “but it just makes sense to me that if the other side put out a plan, we could compare them and make our arguments to the people. But it’s hard to see how you come to an agreement when the other side won’t put forth their own views. The President and Democrats in Congress need to articulate to the American people what they stand for rather than perpetuating economic uncertainty by refusing to embrace specific, workable solutions.”

Nothing on Paper

You…have to pass the legislation…to see what’s in it.”

Citing concerns that any plan put forward by Obama would simply become “politically charged,” (should read: “Picked apart as imbecilic”) therefore nothing would be written down until agreed upon – sight-unseen apparently; the White House is relying on smoke, mirrors, and rhetoric to win the day for them. Even the White House Press Corps is starting to notice.

No Ideas

Stephen Hayes notes that two years ago as Republicans were the minority party in the House the Democrats in the White House and Congress wanted specifics from the GOP;

What a difference two years makes. In the spring of 2009, with Republicans in the minority in the House of Representatives, the White House and its Democratic allies were demanding specifics. The House GOP had to produce an alternative budget, the White House demanded, in order to show that they were serious about governing.

On March 24, President Obama complained that the White House and its friends “haven’t seen a budget from the Republicans.” Two days later, after the Republicans presented a 19-page budget framework, the White House press secretary, Robert Gibbs, mocked the plan for its lack of specifics. CNN reported that Gibbs “laughed off the Republican’s proposal, joking that their blueprint has more pictures of windmills than charts.”

So a 19 page framework for a budget from Republicans is “unserious”, while for Democrats today, vague is vogue?

Who here is “unserious”, exactly?

No Way Forward

Nothing that will work to better the US economy is coming from Obama or the Democrat Party at all; everything is political and working toward saving themselves in 2012. Granted we see some of the same from “establishment” Republicans as well, but conservative House Freshmen are filling the ranks, and while largely unnoticed by the media they have the attention of conservative bloggers and the Tea Party groups and they are being heard.

Obama, on the other hand, is relying on so-called “Stimulus” money being gifted to his various union cronies and political action groups (founded by Soros and others) to save their hides, while doing the minimum necessary to stay visible in the press (meaning doing lots of pressers while saying nothing of substance), and his normal tactic of “blame the other guy – as long as he’s a Republican.” Nothing else but spend money on entitlements for his beholden class of voters, and demonize anyone who would dare to cut that funding; even if it means the economic death of our country.

Rhetoric Rules

Obama is even being noticed by his “Immigration Rights” advocates as being long on rhetoric, and short on record. While he promises to “get to it” as long as the advocates do their part (meaning re-elect Obama);

Obama himself appealed to NCLR’s audience on Monday, insisting, “You can feel free to keep the heat on me and the Democrats. But remember who it is that we need to move [real Americans] in order to actually change the laws.”

“I need you to keep building a movement for change outside of Washington, one that they [the GOP] can’t stop. One that’s greater than this community,” he added.

Obama’s anti-drug strategy? “Just words, just speeches.”

Then of course there’s debt negotiations; a nearly nightly television diatribe on what isn’t being done by the GOP (which is to say, a refusal to grant him another credit card to cover his reckless spending to date and more going forward) rather than cluing us in on what he will do. Nothing on what is acceptable, other than cries for a “Balanced approach” (meaning substantial tax increases and modest spending cuts).

The Root of the “Crisis”?

Simply put, it’s the American voters for failing to think before they vote. They voted for Democrats in Congress; they got massive political-based “reforms” shoved down their throats. The voted for Obama; they got massive nearly unchecked spending; accumulating more debt in two years as President than all other US Presidents in history, combined.

We can blame Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, RINO Republicans; but the fact remains if they weren’t voted in, this wouldn’t be happening to us today.

The Cure


Be involved and stay involved

The Tea Parties were the great conservative awakening, and in the short term they offer a solution to slowing the spending madness, but gradually they’re losing steam. Nobody can keep track of all the garbage thrown at us on a daily basis, some days all we have the energy to do is duck to the side and move forward. Other days, we have the energy to get out and throw it back at them. Those days when that kind of energy is required are here again.

Long term is another matter entirely. There simply aren’t enough conservatives in the Senate, and more are needed in the House as well. How does one citizen “get involved” when one’s representatives just do what they want to do anyway?

Well a good place to get started is at The Precinct Project, where the idea is to take over one of the two main political parties and bring conservatives to the front lines where they’re needed. Which party? Well, obviously Democrats and conservative politics have as much in common as Social Security has to a real retirement plan, which leaves only the Republican Party.

The project has had success at recruiting active people and pointing them in the right direction toward actually becoming voting members of the GOP, where a person can have a real say in who moves forward and who doesn’t.

Sure, at first you’ll be a little elephant in a sea of big trunks, but with perseverance and strong principles (the establishment types won’t necessarily like you not toeing their line, but screw ’em), gradually you can make a long-term difference in getting people pushed forward who can make a real difference in bringing the USA back to an even keel.

Save the Dream

The American dream; it isn’t that everybody who wants to can buy a house whether they can afford it or not. Neither is it that everyone on Earth can come to the United States by any means necessary and become a voting Democrat. The American Dream isn’t everyone has social and financial equality with everyone else, regardless of ability or drive. What the American Dream is, and it’s worth saving at any cost, is that any citizen has the same opportunity as any other citizen, color of skin or ethnicity be damned. Government shouldn’t continue to place obstacles in front of you or your children that prevent you from achieving that dream.

2012, and at every chance we get between now and then, we save the dream.

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