Last ever US Space Shuttle flight scheduled for June. After that, can Muslim self-awareness finally be Job 1?

AtlantisNASA has scheduled its last-ever US Space Shuttle mission for 28 June, 2011. Designated STS-135, it will carry a mass of supplies, parts. and whatever they can cram aboard to the International Space Station in advance of the Shuttle program coming to an end. After that, the ISS will rely solely on what can be launched by the Russian Soyuz spacecraft, slingshots, little red wagons with wings, etc.

At last, Obama’s NASA will be able to properly concentrate on it’s new mission, that of making the Muslim world feel better about themselves after some bad press lately about blowing people and things up.

Finally, without all the petty annoyances like messing around in the vacuum of space for no reason that is readily apparent to the Obama administration, money that would’ve been wasted on new discoveries will be more properly spent increasing self-esteem for a people who I guess are lacking.

I’m not exactly sure what other world religions will be targeted [sorry, new tone] slated to have their feelings bettered by the United States space agency, but I’m sure once they’ve been identified they’ll no doubt be added to the list.

Will NASA put people in space again? On its own, that is, or will it be “have thumb-will travel”? Much speculation about NASA’s future, but I’m betting they end up becoming another FAA, regulating private flights rather that taking the lead.

Hooray for US.