GOP California Assembly candidate being mobilized to Afghanistan, as you would expect, the left is in an uproar


Yes, the same left that screamed “Ted Kennedy is still alive! He can represent us!” while he was was “sidelined” for much of his last year is now beginning the chant against Jeff Gorell, (R Candidate for the 37th Assembly District.

His opponent, Saudi born Democrat candidate Ferial Masry, of course “understands” Gorell has a duty to serve when called, also suggested;

…she believes Gorell should consider asking voters not to support him this time around in light of his imminent deployment. “He could say, ‘I can’t serve now. When I come back I will run again.’ You cannot leave the district without representation for a year. It’s honorable what he’s doing, but the district has to be represented, too.”


Masry shows more class than many a leftist commenter at the Ventura County Star.

OPSEC prior to a mobilization and deployment requires the one mobilized jump through many hoops before being allowed to announce to the world at large that one is under pending orders to deploy, and Mr. Gorell as a Lt.Cdr. in the Navy Reserve was restricted for quite some time from making any announcement until just recently.

JeffAfghanistanThis isn’t the first time Mr. Gorell had a wrench thrown into his plans to run for office, either;

For Gorell, a lieutenant commander, this is the second time reserve duty has interrupted his political plans. He had announced his intention to run for the Assembly in the 35th District in 2002, but had to abandon those plans after being called to duty in Afghanistan

The son of a career Navy officer, Gorell has been a reservist for nearly 12 years. He could have resigned his commission before launching his campaign, but said he could not do so now with a deployment pending unless granted an exemption from the secretary of the Navy.

“I have campaigned telling people I was an active reservist,” he said. “I’ve always been proactive in talking about it.”


Tomorrow should be telling as the Democrat spin masters have to decide if they should spin up and demonize a deploying reservist to try to snatch votes away, or just tell Masry and her staff “Better luck next time”.

Oh yeah, I forgot; Military service isn’t real service to the left.